How to select and develop remote workers

43% of us spend at least some time working remotely, and organizations increasingly rely on remote work as a recruitment and retention strategy. As the flexible working culture continues to grow, businesses face new challenges and must look at innovative solutions to assess and develop their remote workforce.

Join two of PSI’s senior consultants, Corina Rice and Jordon Jones, to discover the techniques and challenges of selecting and developing your remote employees. In the webinar they will cover:

  • How to select and assess employees who will be successful working remotely
  • How to remotely assess and develop high potentials and/or leaders
  • How to ensure assessment related technology is fair
  • How to provide a good candidate and employee experience
  • How to overcome language and timezone barriers

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Talent Measurement: Developing global sales leaders using virtual and interactive solutions

Summary – Building an engaging development program for your sales teams can be challenging. Alongside performance improvements and lasting behavioral change, they often need to get people excited about aligning themselves to a new norm. We know this can be especially difficult if they are spread across the globe, where differences exist between cultures.

Join us for a free webinar as we guide you through a variety of practical techniques to achieve all of this and more, brought to life with some real-life client stories. We will describe best practices approaches, what we have learnt from our experiences, the results we have achieved and what the future holds.

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Selecting for success in legal and professional services roles

In the continual drive to pinpoint the best future talent, getting a picture of raw talent plus an indicator of future work potential is key. Do you feel confident you know how to accurately pinpoint and select your future solid performers?

In this webinar you will discover proven ways to help you zero in on razor-sharp future talent with the capacity to live and breathe the key behaviors that will lead to better business outcomes.

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Resilience — Future proofing your workforce

Research shows that high levels of Resilience (or ‘mental toughness’) can improve job performance. During our webinar we explore the topic of Resilience in today’s world of work.

The webinar covers the following:

  • What does Resilience mean for your organization in today’s complex environment?
  • Examples of organizations that have successfully enhanced Resilience
  • Top tips to help you develop Resilience in your organization.

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Creating an immersive tech-first candidate experience – the commercial impact

VirtualAC simulates an online desktop environment, enabling you to deliver a highly immersive and interactive business simulation exercise to select your candidates. Using VirtualAC, candidates will be asked to respond to information presented in a variety of formats, including emails, video messages, voicemails, calendar items, documents and charts. The online tool is completely flexible, allowing you to select from our ready-to-use exercises, or we can work with you to create a bespoke exercise tailored to your needs.

We will explore the features of VirtualAC, including the benefits it can provide in your assessment process. We will also explain the wide range of options available to you for delivering ready-to-use, customized and bespoke business simulations using VirtualAC.

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Emerging trends in Talent Management: 5 ways to captivate candidates

Captivating top talent will look different for you than for any other organization because your organization is different. In our webinar you will discover the latest assessment technology trends, helping you re-imagine your assessments. You’ll learn about the risks, benefits, and applications of:

  • Virtual Assessment Centers
  • App Based Delivery
  • Dynamic Multimedia Group Discussions
  • Games Based Assessment
  • Virtual Reality Assessment

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