True-to-Life Assessments

Accurate & Engaging Video-Based Assessments for Hiring Critical Frontline Jobs Such As Sales, New Supervisor, and Customer Service

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Unlike traditional tests, PSI True-to-Life Assessments immerse candidates in the challenges they’ll encounter on the job. Empowering you to see firsthand if a candidate will succeed or fail on the job before you hire them.

These highly validated assessments are:

  • Perfect for Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, Hospitality & many industries
  • Accurate and defensible (exceeding the highest government and professional thresholds for validity)
  • Engaging and easy to use – Candidates enjoy real world challenges with your brand front and center
  • Online, modular and completely scalable (from 10 candidates to 10 million!)
  • Immediately accessible to candidates and the reporting is instantaneous

How Do You Identify the Best Candidates?

PSI True-to-Life Assessments

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PSI True-to-Life Assessments

A large financial institution used True-to-Life Assessments for hiring bank tellers. Their results with PSI:

Lower turnover

Increased employee engagement

Higher level of customer service

Cost savings on recruitment and training