Testing Center Requirements


  • Test Center must conform to local building, sanitation & health codes, as well as meet ADA requirements
  • Building and grounds must be clean and in good condition
  • Exits must be clearly marked and unobstructed
  • Fire extinguishers required and in working order, location well marked and easily accessible
  • Emergency exits must be clearly identified and clear of obstructions
  • First-Aid kits must be stocked and easily accessible
  • Restrooms must be located in the same building as the testing center
  • Restrooms must be clean, supplied with necessary items, and in working order
  • Adequate parking must be available near the testing center location

Test Room Physical Space

  • Test room must be large enough to comfortably place testing stations and chairs
  • Testing terminals must be arranged so that an applicant cannot view a computer monitor at one of the other work stations. Partitions are required between each workstation.
  • Test station table surface must be large enough to accommodate the monitor, keyboard, mouse pad and applicable testing materials. A recommended size would be 42″ x 36″.
  • Testing area must be located so candidate will not be disturbed by foot traffic, loud conversation or outside noise.
  • Testing room shall be free from any other activity during testing sessions; during non-testing time, the testing room may be available for other uses.

Test Room Environment

  • Temperature must be consistent and comfortable
  • Test room must be well-ventilated, with continuous air circulation
  • Test room must be lit so that each candidate can read all diagrams, charts, etc., and read the computer screen with no glare.

Security and Surveillance

  • Testing must take place in a separate room with a closable door
  • Proctor station and printer must be located outside of the testing room
  • Video surveillance system must provide 100% surveillance during testing session and include a DVR w/30 day retention
  • Testing room door must be lockable, restricting any unauthorized access
  • All testing material must be secured when not in use
  • The testing room may be used for other purposes when not being used for testing

Equipment and Supplies

  • Copy machine or scanner to provide copies of candidate IDs and test eligibility documents
  • A locking file cabinet to secure test materials and candidate documents
  • Ream of clean paper to be issued to candidate, if applicable, and pencils