A Rich Legacy in Designing Selection and Promotional Programs

Great Businesses Start With Great People

Whether you are expanding into new markets, developing new products, or turning around a business, you need people who can execute on those objectives. At PSI, we identify the characteristics people need to effectively execute on the initiatives that drive businesses forward. Our clients enjoy a process that is second to none.

PSI Assessments Lead the Industry


Our approach pairs brief, highly targeted assessments together to cover the attributes of success.


Our assessments engage your candidates with questions and interactive situations that mirror the real job.


Our tools are supported by over a thousand criterion validations so they can be implemented with minimal consulting.


Since 1946 we’ve maintained an impeccable track record for legal defensibility in the assessment industry.

For our proprietary PSI content, our time in the market has enabled us to refine our assessment content to maximize each item’s ability to predict job performance (e.g., rotating in experimental content, conducting numerous validation studies, retaining those test items that are optimally predictive of job performance). We also leverage a leading edge modular approach to assessment design that optimizes prediction of job performance.

Our Leading Instruments

PSI develops and owns some of the most validated assessments in the industry used to support high-stakes hiring and selection decisions. Our proprietary test content includes:

Access to the World's Best Assessments

To give clients more value and best-of-breed access to the world’s best assessments, PSI also has partnerships with leading assessment publishers, including Hogan, Pearson, CPP, and many others.

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Video Interviewing

PSIVirtual Interview is the only video interviewing process developed by a Selection firm. We offer behaviorally based interviews delivered live and online through real-time video, as well as record & review. Interview guides targeted at the competencies needed for success today help probe your candidates on the qualities necessary to grow your business into the future. Our system is as flexible as you need it to be.

If seeing is believing, video interviewing is revolutionizing how we hire. Our platform allows hiring managers and recruiters to assess skills, gauge culture, interview a broader pool of applicants and build employer brand immediately.

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