Corporate Safety

SafetyDNA LogoExtensive safety knowledge and training does not always result in safe behavior. Research shows that there are innate psychological characteristics that are consistently linked to safe behavior, incident rates, and even injury severity.

Everyone has a unique combination of these traits, which we call SafetyDNA®. By identifying and measuring these characteristics, you can consider your employees’ potential safety risk exposures and provide individual, targeted safety plans. This is the only way to drive true behavioral change, grow stronger safety leaders, and improve safety culture and performance.

PSI’s award-winning training solution is proven to improve your workers’ safety:

  • The SafetyDNA® Online Program elevates the safety performance of a team with a simple and effective program – in only 90 minutes. An online assessment measures these factors in your employees. This is followed by an interactive online training course that reviews participants’ own results and provides an in-depth understanding of how SafetyDNA impacts their personal safety every day.
  • The SafetyDNA® for Leaders Program develops leaders to drive company-wide safety culture improvement. Complementing the SafetyDNA Online Program, this leadership experience looks at leaders’ personal safety behaviors as a starting point in improving team and organizational safety. Adding to the foundational SafetyDNA experience, SafetyDNA for Leaders improves overall team safety behaviors with customized training in a lasting way.