Team Emotional Intelligence Profile (TEIP) Accreditation

This one-day accreditation course will provide access to the Team EIP, providing practitioners with the tools and skills to measure and develop Emotional Intelligence within teams.

Team Emotional Intelligence consists of the shared behaviours, habits and attitudes that create the conditions for teams to communicate, develop and perform effectively.

Teams high in EI get the most from their members; they balance tasks, deal with conflict effectively and deliver outstanding results. PSI’s Team Emotional Intelligence Profile (Team EIP) is a powerful diagnostic tool for measuring team behaviours and performance in the workplace. It offers pragmatic suggestions for developing competencies which underpin the team’s performance and can have a significant impact when teams are forming, undergoing change or where the interpersonal dynamics of a team are inhibiting effective functioning. The Team EIP measures a team’s Emotional Intelligence across six scales, consistent with the core elements of the EIP3.

Team EIP framework

Who will benefit?

The course is for anyone working with teams, or wishing to promote more emotionally intelligent and successful teamwork within organisations.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of what makes an emotionally intelligent team
  • Background and development of the Team EIP
  • How to apply the tool and your learning with teams – practical considerations and best-practice advice
  • Ethical considerations in using the Team EIP
  • Case-study exploration of a real team and reflection on your own team’s effectiveness.


Provides accreditation in the Team Emotional Intelligence Profile, both Individual and Group reports.


1 Day


£695 + VAT

Pre-Course Activities

Completion of the TEIP and targeted pre-reading

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