Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP) Accreditation

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is how an individual manages themselves to be both personally and interpersonally effective. Businesses high in Emotional Intelligence benefit from more engaged employees and leaders, staff who are more able to adapt and cope with change, better team working, collaboration and innovation.

Over the last two decades, researchers have found EI to be a critical factor in distinguishing high performers and an important determinant of leadership effectiveness and life success.

PSI’s Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP3) is designed to enable sustainable performance and developmental change in individuals and leaders. It does this by identifying the underlying attitudes that underpin an individual’s thinking and feeling. These are the attitudes that drive behavior and performance. By measuring Emotional Intelligence strengths and development areas, and providing a clear development pathway, the EIP3 provides new insights and approaches on how to fulfill potential, work with emotions effectively and achieve significant and sustainable improvements in performance.

The EIP3 (Emotional Intelligence Profile) is based on a unique six-part framework of Emotional Intelligence:

Course Overview:

This two-day course explores the meaning of Emotional Intelligence and equips practitioners with a thorough understanding of the reasons why their clients may be having difficulties in managing relationships, working efficiently or dealing with pressure and conflict. The training introduces our unique EI framework and explores the interplay between our attitudes, feelings and behaviors. During the course, delegates not only learn how to use the well-established EIP3 tool but also go through a series of interactive exercises to better understand their personal strengths and blockers to success. This course will provide access to the full range of EIP3 reports.

Who will benefit?

The EIP3 Accreditation is aimed at both independent and in-house consultants, HR, L&D and OD specialists, organizational psychologists, coaches and those who wish to apply EI to help their clients develop.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain market advantage by becoming accredited to use one of the most highly regarded EI tools in the world.
  • Improve your coaching practice by gaining in-depth insight into the attitudes and feelings behind your client’s behaviors.
  • Learn theories and models of Emotional Intelligence and latest research findings.
  • Be able to apply insights from neuroscience to help practically develop your own EI.
  • Gain confidence in delivering feedback and exploring different EIP profiles.
  • Understand how to embed EI in the workplace, including practical implementation issues and recommended approaches.


Provides accreditation in the Emotional Intelligence Profile (all Development and Assessment reports) and the EIP 360.


2 Days



Pre-Course Activities

Completion of the EIP3 and pre-reading

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