Behaviours 360

360-degree feedback is a powerful tool in enabling an individual to obtain views and evaluations on their performance from a range of different people who observe their behaviour.

PSI have several Behaviour 360 tools including:

  • Ready-to-use Behaviours 360
    1. Individual contributor 360
    2. Managing 360
    3. Leadership 360
  • Tailored Behaviours 360
  • Bespoke Build 360

Course overview

Accreditation in Behaviours 360 provides users with the necessary training and guidance in how to design and deliver an effective 360 degree feedback solution with a careful balance between theoretical information and practical exercises. Delegates will learn how to successfully implement a 360-degree feedback process and how to give effective, developmental feedback to participants.

  • What 360-degree feedback is and how it differs from other forms of assessment
  • The benefits and potential challenges of using 360-degree feedback
  • How to implement a best practice 360-degree feedback process
  • Ethical considerations in using 360
  • How to use the Behaviours 360 report and how to interpret results
  • How to conduct an effective feedback discussion with participants using the Behaviours 360 report
  • How to use the PSI Hub to administer Behaviours 360
  • Options for tailoring Behaviours 360

Who will benefit:

  • Professionals in fields such as Human Resources, Learning & Development, Organisational Development, Training, Change Management and so on, with responsibility for developing leadership capability
  • Coaches and consultants

 Learning outcomes:

 A thorough understanding of the practical and ethical considerations behind an effective 360-degree feedback process

  • Confidence and competence in interpreting the results and reports from Behaviours 360
  • Skills, techniques and tools to deliver effective developmental feedback discussions with 360-degree feedback participants
  • An account on our Development Hub platform to deliver and manage Behaviours 360 with participants


Provides accreditation in the Behaviour 360 toolkit.


1 Day


£495 + VAT

Pre-Course Activities

Completion of the Behaviours 360 and targeted pre-reading

If you are accredited in other 360 tools then please contact PSI direct to discuss accessing this tool


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