Talent Solutions

Our world-class human capital consultants are here to help you identify and develop
the right solutions to achieve your key business outcomes.

Leadership Selection

With decades of experience, PSI helps our clients identify the best performing leaders at all levels of their organizations. Our solutions uncover your candidates’ unique leadership profile, their LeaderDNA, the personal factors that consistently predict leadership potential and success.

Development and Coaching

The first step to development is self-awareness. Our assessment tools provide the baseline for leadership development by giving individuals insight into their personality styles and behaviors, their LeaderDNA, to create a personalized leadership development program that includes a development plan, coaching, and resources from our leadership library.

Succession Planning

We help organizations identify high potential individuals by implementing a high potential assessment tool. The result of these assessments provides guidelines for identifying the training and development, coaching, and mentoring that a high potential employee needs to develop the skills necessary to take on greater responsibilities.

360 Feedback

Feedback from peers, supervisors, and subordinates helps you to understand how an individual is perceived from all angles. The data can reveal individual and group strengths and weaknesses, and ensure more effective development efforts. PSI has proprietary 360 assessment, development and delivery, fixed and reporting tools as well as content.

Talent Audits

Have you ever wondered how companies determine what developmental initiatives they are going to tackle? Companies that get the biggest bang for their buck use a structured and objective method for understanding group level strengths and weaknesses. PSI clients receive ongoing recommendations for bringing in the right talent and developing it to achieve their goals.