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As the largest global talent management organization, we offer a range of innovative solutions and expert consultancy to help with high volume recruitment. Our solutions are specifically suited to helping organizations select talent from within high volume applicant pools. We combine our assessment expertise and technology to deliver seamless, automated processes that can screen individuals based on motivations, expertise, competencies, strengths, and abilities.

Every screening process should focus on these hiring principles

PSI understands that every organization has different needs. Whether you are looking for a ready to use, easily accessible assessment solution, or a bespoke solution to fit your needs, PSI has the toolkit, process, and expertise to help you focus on the right talent for your role.

Ready-To-Use Solutions

If you are in a position where you have immediate volume hiring needs or are recruiting for roles that don’t need bespoke content, we have solutions that are ready to use. You can pick from our catalog of screening products.

Bespoke, Innovative Solutions

If you have highly role-specific requirements, or significantly large volumes, then you will need something a little more bespoke. Our experienced consultants will work with you and your team to uncover your specific hiring needs and put together a solution that will work for you.

How Our Award-Winning Screening Process Works

The candidate experience should be: Seamless, Positive, Brand-Endorsing, and Informative. So how can you achieve this?

Technology to Handle Even the Most Complex Assessment Processes

Through our online platform, we can draw on a wide range of ready-to-use catalog content, as well as customize solutions to your specific requirements. Our solutions benefit from the latest developments in digital technology including virtual simulations, mobile-first, and engaging situational judgement experiences.

Our unique technology allows for the delivery of even the most complex assessment processes. We have extensive expertise in designing custom content to meet our clients’ needs, and ultimately enabling you to identify the right candidates more quickly and cost effectively.

Industry-Leading Consultants

We are well known for our highly robust and rigorous solutions that fit your needs and challenges. Learn more about our team of highly experienced Occupational Psychologists who have designed and delivered thousands of assessments for our clients.

Our Solutions

Below are some examples of assessments we create for the candidate’s journey.

Online Registration Questionnaires

Online Registration Questionnaires & Eligibility Screens – custom and ready-to-use

Realistic Job Previews

Providing insight into key role requirements via video or virtual reality

Behavioral Screening

Via our 16pf personality questionnaire

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)

custom and ready-to-use

Ability Tests

Verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning via our Smart Aptitude Series

Multicomponent Assessments

Combining aspects of preference, ability, and judgement within one simulation

Multimedia Assessments

Utilizing game design principles

Mobile-First Assessments

Utilizing mobile technology

Business Impact

Measuring the business impact of your assessment solutions and continuously improving.

Proven Assessment Expertise

PSI blends science and technology, bringing several decades of experience and research in psychology based assessment, working with clients to find the perfect fit solutions for them. In this time, we have been fortunate enough to work with many of the world’s leading organizations, helping them to improve their candidate screening process. Here are some success stories from some of our clients to give a good idea of the approaches and impact that might be relevant to you:

The UK Civil Service

The UK Civil Service

Improve the quality of selection decisions through more efficient screening of applications.

Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Cost and time savings to process and screen applications.

“The application stage is traditionally the biggest challenge on a campaign of this size involving large teams checking and shortlisting, but using the new sifting tool [SIFT] we only needed a team of three people saving us 203 working days! The cost to process an application has gone from $11.79 to $.49 when we look at the human resources involved! We simply can’t afford not to use SIFT going forwards.”

– Gillian Goss, HR Manager Recruitment & Assessment, Wales Fire & Rescue Service

See how our SIFT process helped The ‘Whole of Wales’ Fire & Rescue Services save £49,000 in staffing costs.

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