Screen and Select

Identify and Hire the Right Candidates

Selecting the right people for your organization is critical. Whether you are screening high candidate volumes or selecting from smaller pools, our technology and expertise ensures a great fit-to-role. Our flexible and engaging assessment solutions help organizations globally to identify, assess, and on-board the right talent, whatever your industry or location. In fact, we work with over 5,000 companies worldwide.

By understanding your strategy and goals, we drive results through your people

Our expert HR consultants help you:

  • Pinpoint essential criteria for success in your organization and roles
  • Engage your candidates throughout the assessment process
  • Remove bias and adverse impact from your selection processes
  • Objectively identify the best candidates for the role
  • Ensure assessment processes are defensible and easily understood by business leaders

Why screen & select with PSI


Efficient high-volume screening with
proven technical expertise


Streamlined worldwide programs through global coverage


High candidate engagement through personalized and branded experience


Deep sector experience and understanding of business context meaning credibility at highest level


Proven expertise in removing
in hiring


Science-based solutions to reliably predict performance

Screen Candidates

Engaging and effective high-volume screening solutions


Select Talent

Defensible and comprehensive candidate
assessment solutions


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