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We know how important it is to maintain and grow market share. In an extremely competitive marketplace, the people who represent your company and your brand to your consumers, make all the difference in your company’s ultimate success.

PSI’s suite of service-oriented assessment solutions helps you to identify candidates with the readiness and potential to thrive in today’s challenging and ever-changing service environment. Candidates with the talent to succeed, contribute to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and make a real difference wherever – and however – your employees and customer connect.

Candidate Friendly Experience

You use your company’s products and services, right? You know what type of service you want, and you know what keeps you coming back time and again. You understand being loyal – because you are a customer, too. So are your candidates! This means that candidates want to feel the culture and care of your company from the moment they express interest. Knowing the importance of candidate care and the impression this has on their future regard of your company, we proactively monitor candidate feedback and use that feedback to make adjustments to the process to ensure that candidates find their experience using our tools to be fair, easy-to-use, and job relevant.

Mobile Friendly Process

We realize candidates today have plenty of options, and that includes what technology works best for them to complete your hiring process. Our tools have proven measurement equivalence across all device types to ensure an accurate assessment of your candidates regardless of whether they are using a computer or mobile device.

Develop Your Workforce

PSI’s service-oriented solutions help you identify and leverage strengths, identify areas where additional support or attention might be helpful, and improve the productivity and engagement of your current workers. Our tools accurately evaluate an individual’s ability to perform effectively within customer service and sales environments. You’ll have the most qualified employees exceeding the expectations of your most valued customers.

Solutions Across Multiple Industries


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Grocery/Convenience Stores

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Distribution Centers



City Furniture

“We have seen some really cool results through the use of the various assessments. In particular, we’ve experienced an increase in our customer satisfaction score and we know we can attribute that to the use of our assessments.”

Hiring Friendly, Dependable, and Productive Workers

Hiring employees who are friendly, come to work on time, work well with others, and perform their job effectively is a key objective of any successful organization. Accomplishing this in a fast, accurate, and cost-effective manner is also critically important.

This paper describes the research that went into ServiceFit®. It explores what type of employees should be assessed using ServiceFit and the types of results you can expect.

Hire and Develop Your Leadership Team

Today, organizations must be agile to meet the changing demands of their industries and consumers. Do you have leaders in place who can adapt to market demands and lead change? Learn how our leadership solutions can help you identify, select, and develop your future and current leaders.

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Safety Begins with Knowing Your SafetyDNA

Safety is a personal decision and boils down to the innate characteristics of your employees. So what steps can you take to reduce your employees’ workplace exposures?

Discover the SafetyDNA® Program, an award-winning training solution that improves your workers’ safety in a personal, sustainable way.

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Leverage the Latest in Emerging HR Technology and Engaging Content

Discover valid, fair, and legally defensible assessment content for the entire employee lifecycle, so you can choose just the right assessment to select and develop talent.

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