Skilled Workforce Solutions

It is no secret that one of the biggest challenges facing the manufacturing industry is the shortage of skilled workers capable of performing critical industrial maintenance duties. This scarcity makes identifying individuals with the correct knowledge, skills, and abilities – internally and externally – imperative for organizational success.

Manufacturing Expertise

PSI has decades of experience partnering with manufacturing organizations to build comprehensive hiring systems that go beyond a candidate’s hard skills. Our solutions dig deeper, allowing you to understand strengths, areas of development, and organizational fit to help you make the best hiring decisions in large or small candidate pool situations.

Customized Selection Process

Our experts work with you to design a customized selection process that aligns with your hiring needs and provides an engaging candidate experience. Our process design experts understand the scarcity of these highly skilled individuals and design a process that will reduce process loss and inefficiencies.

Uncover HiPos in Your Organization 

Our tools help you evaluate your current workforce to identify employees with the aptitude to excel in skilled labor positions, allowing you create developmental pipeline to fill these critical roles internally.

Client Success Story

A large automotive manufacturer uses Select Assessment® for Manufacturing to identify skilled-level manufacturing hires.

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Building a Safer, More Productive Workforce One Hire at a Time

Manufacturing firms are always looking for ways to improve productivity, eliminate waste, improve quality, and shave costs. One area that often gets less attention than more tangible, easy to measure factors such as the cost of raw materials or equipment, is the value of front line employees, both workers and supervisors.

While many companies might say that their people are their greatest asset, it’s surprising how many organizations do a less than ideal job of effectively hiring the right people for the job. One reason is that many manufacturing organizations see the hourly employee as an interchangeable and easily replaced cog in a much bigger machine. This whitepaper talks about why that shouldn’t be the case and how top manufacturers significantly impact their bottom lines through effective employee selection.

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Building a safer more productive workforce

Safety Begins with Knowing Your SafetyDNA

Safety is a personal decision and boils down to the innate characteristics of your employees. So what steps can you take to reduce your employees’ workplace exposures? Discover the SafetyDNA® Program, an award-winning training solution that improves your workers’ safety in a personal, sustainable way.

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