Production Team Member Solutions

An efficient and effective production workforce is the critical foundation to a successful manufacturing operation.  Your ability to attract and retain individuals with the right skills and abilities plays a major role in your success or failure driving the production floor into the future. The need is made more pressing as long-tenured team members are exiting the workforce, taking decades of institutional knowledge with them.

Manufacturing Expertise

PSI has decades of experience providing manufacturing organizations with solutions for improving the way they attract, select, and retain production team talent that is unmatched in the industry.

Manufacturing-Specific Solutions

Our suite of tools is designed specifically for manufacturing to help you identify the dependable, positive, problem solvers your organization needs. More importantly, we work with you to configure these tools into a solution that meets your specific needs. Whether you are looking for the right person to train and fit within your culture or someone with a specific set of skills, we have the tools and processes to identify the best hires.

A Positive Candidate Experience

We pride ourselves on providing a positive candidate experience. We monitor candidate feedback and adjust to ensure that candidates find their experience using our tools to be fair, easy-to-use, and job relevant.

Client Success Story

A global leader in advanced materials improves performance and safety with a comprehensive assessment for manufacturing.

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Preparing for the Next Generation

As expected, when a new generation replaces its predecessor, workplaces will change. As more millennials become leaders and managers in their organizations, we should expect a shift in values, motivators, and expectations. Be prepared to attract, man- age, and collaborate with millennials in manufacturing using this guide.

The skills gap exists when there is no pipeline of candidates who are informed, motivated, and trained in the basic requirements for successful performance in manufacturing roles. One of the most direct and effective ways to combat this is to target your applicant search to students who have already exhibited an interest and basic aptitude for working in manufacturing.

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PSI - Preparing for the Next Generation

Safety Begins with Knowing Your SafetyDNA

Safety is a personal decision and boils down to the innate characteristics of your employees. So what steps can you take to reduce your employees’ workplace exposures? Discover the SafetyDNA® Program, an award-winning training solution that improves your workers’ safety in a personal, sustainable way.

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Discover valid, fair, and legally defensible assessment content for the entire employee lifecycle, so you can choose just the right assessment to select and develop talent.

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