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Having effective supervisors and managers is critical for positive growth, and promoting from within the organization is important for building a satisfied and stable workforce. The key is identifying the employees with the right skills and abilities to become leaders.

Uncover HiPos in Your Organization

Our tools help you evaluate your current workforce to identify employees with the aptitude to excel in leadership positions, allowing you to create a developmental pipeline to fill these critical roles internally.

Customized Leadership Development Experience

Our experts work with you to build personalized plans to target the unique development needs of each individual and to ensure leaders learn and advocate the critical values that drive success in your organization.

Client Success Story

A global automotive manufacturer identifies manufacturing team leaders with Select Assessment® for Leaders and Professionals.

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A Business Case for Identifying High Potentials

There is a clear skills gap in most organizations between the current pipeline of internal leaders and the demand for leaders who need to be able to successfully navigate the changes taking place to stay competitive.

This whitepaper discusses how to accurately identify leaders with the potential to succeed and provides a case study outlining the process and results of implementing a structured and objective process for identifying high potentials

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PSI - High Potentials Whitepaper

Safety Begins with Knowing Your SafetyDNA

Safety is a personal decision and boils down to the innate characteristics of your employees. So what steps can you take to reduce your employees’ workplace exposures? Discover the SafetyDNA® Program, an award-winning training solution that improves your workers’ safety in a personal, sustainable way.

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Discover valid, fair, and legally defensible assessment content for the entire employee lifecycle, so you can choose just the right assessment to select and develop talent.

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