Organizational effectiveness starts at the top

Great leaders accelerate organizational success

PSI offers proven solutions for identifying leadership potential, leveraging leadership talent, and enhancing leadership performance. We have a full staff dedicated to building great leaders in your organization and coaching emerging leaders based on an approach that delivers these benefits and more.

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Leadership Assessments

Selecting, promoting, and/or developing top quality leaders for key and/or mission-critical roles.

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Feedback, Integration, and Presentation

Enhancing performance and/or developing potential.

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Partnering with incumbent/future leaders to enhance performance in current role, develop competencies for future roles, and/or ease transitions.

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Leadership Training/Development

Building bench strength and addressing leadership skill gaps.

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360 Degree Surveys

Providing in-depth feedback on performance effectiveness across situations, perspectives, and time.

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Performance Management Programs

Identifying performance expectations, standards, and metrics for use in aligning effort and energy and effectively executing business strategy.

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Leadership Talent Review Planning

Identifying in-house leadership talent, development needs, and career paths.

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Employee Retention and Engagement Surveys

Building relationships with employees to enhance performance, productivity, and retention.

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C-Suite and Board Services

Enhancing communication, trust, and collaboration among those responsible for organizational strategy and success.

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