Leading in a Complex World

With organizations having to re-invent themselves just to stand still, never mind be competitive, we understand the need to develop leaders to be at the forefront of the changes you need to make, and to become agile. We partner with clients to deliver leadership development and solutions that meet your business needs. We are known for our tailored and bespoke transformational leadership development programs that specialize in unlocking leadership potential at the individual, team, and organizational level to create sustainable performance improvement.

Our expertise

Our Development Consulting team specialize in developing leaders’ personal and interpersonal capabilities such as personal drive, emotional awareness in self and of others, resilience, building relationships, leading and managing people. The underpinning theories and practical toolkits we include also support leaders in related areas such as responding to and leading through change, assertive influencing, and stakeholder management.

We work with organizations to design development solutions that bring lasting change. This is because Emotional Intelligence lies at the core of our methodology.

Leading from the Inside Out

Our philosophy of leading from the inside out is built on research, is tried and tested with leaders, and will bring you the results you need for lasting change. Through transformational leadership development solutions, we help organizations get the best from their leaders by unlocking the attitudes and behaviors that sustain high performance, improve relationships, increase engagement, and support well-being.

“PSI created a safe environment where we could explore current ways of working. They encouraged us to challenge ourselves and each other to drive greater team collaboration and effectiveness and move forward in a very real and tangible way.”

Rachel McNee, Head of HR, first eirect

Leaders need to be more flexible, open, and empowering. How?

Agility, adaptability, and innovation need psychological safety to flourish – working environments where people focus on customer needs rather than protecting their own interests and playing politics.

We develop emotionally intelligent leaders who can create these environments. Our proven leadership development programs blend the use of world class diagnostics with experiential workshops, coaching, and workplace learning to create transformational development programs.

Develop emotionally intelligent leaders.

Whatever your requirement, we have the diagnostic tools, technology, and consulting expertise to support you flexibly.

Find out about the Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI).

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