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In today’s environment, consultants need to adapt and respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of their clients. The ability to provide a broad range of scalable solutions in a secure, easy-to-use, and configurable technology driven platform is paramount to stay ahead of the competition.

PSI is a partner to more than 500 consultants and consulting organizations using the industry’s most proven and flexible talent management and testing platform, PSI True Talent.

PSI True Talent provides consultants with a robust cloud-based ecosystem of tech-enabled HR Tools and over 500 of the world’s top online assessments for hiring and development to meet your clients’ needs, all in one place.

  • Create an engaging candidate experience
  • Automate repeatable talent management workflows
  • Build unique, branded platforms for client access
  • Create and web-enable custom assessment content using PSI’s self-authoring tool
  • Test securely worldwide
  • Integrate with your end user’s ATS

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Enhanced Mobile

Responsive test-taker experience and administrative dashboards make testing more accessible to the modern workforce.

Upgraded Core

From configurable talent analytics and automated workflows to built-in multi-language translation and global cloud-based delivery.

Expanded Assessment Authoring

Create robust assessments with mobile first item types, CAT engine capabilities, 360° builder, item & section banking, and more.

Reinforced Security and Support

Hardened global data security and expanded support teams ensure that you get reliable delivery and unmatched customer service 24/7.

Trying To Find The Right Assessment for Your Needs? Check Out Our Nine Assessment Types eBook.

Assessments are among the most powerful tools available to HR professionals to make better hires, identify development needs, and quantify leadership potential. However, you have to know the attributes that each assessment aims to measure, and then align that information with your hiring and development goals.

PSI Nine Assessment Types eBook

Nine Assessment Types:

Practical Tips for Selecting the Types that are Right for You
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Discover valid, fair, and legally defensible assessment content for the entire employee lifecycle, so you can choose just the right assessment to select and develop talent.

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