Hiring Solutions for the Reshaped World of Work

Find the best talent to help your organization succeed – now and into the future

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Hiring Solutions for the Reshaped World of Work

Find the best talent to help your organization succeed – now and into the future

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Schedule a demo to learn more about PSI's hiring solutions.

Hiring and development strategies need to change. Organizations are transforming; from hierarchy to networks, planning to experimentation, secrecy to transparency, and office-based to remote. Along with this disruption, demands on the workforce are changing too. The skills, behaviors and attitudes that guaranteed high performance in the past might not give the same results now.

Take a deeper dive into hiring changes across the globe.

Watch our on-demand webinar for the five keys to successful hiring for the changing world of work.

No matter what changes in the world of work, competencies will always be a core tool to help us understand the essential skills and capabilities for a successful workforce. Watch our video to find how competencies help you get future-ready.

For a deep dive on how competencies are still the ideal language of talent, read our White Paper.

How PSI Can Help You Select The Best

We offer deep hiring expertise and flexible technology to ensure you get a great candidate experience and optimize your hiring processes.

We help you:

  • Identify what future-ready job profiles look like for your job roles, to ensure you are hiring the talent you need to succeed tomorrow
  • Screen candidates via objective assessment linked to enhanced job profiles, and with a superb candidate experience
  • Engineer flexible hiring processes at scale with our market-leading technology
  • Implement industry-specific hiring solutions to target essential skills that are proven to predict on-the-job success

Our Hiring Solutions for Future-Ready Talent

We deliver objective solutions for successful hiring while ensuring great candidate experience. Our virtual solutions measure competencies, values and key motivators – allowing you to attract, assess, and hire the best talent.

Industry-specific hiring solutions

We have deep expertise in a multitude of industry-specific hiring solutions, so you can assess the exact skills you need. Our Select Assessment for Manufacturing is proven to predict who will be a great performer, and our ServiceFit customer service screening solution helps you identify the best people for service roles. Take advantage of our experience addressing industry-specific needs to build a hiring system that’s right for you.

High volume screening solutions

Candidate volumes have grown significantly and finding the best candidates in a large pool can be a challenge. Our high volume screening solutions help you identify essential competencies, values, and motivators for the role – using engaging assessment modules to ensure you screen-out less suitable candidates easily and effectively. Find out more about our modular Hire solution now.

Virtual assessment solutions

Components that were traditionally linked to face-to-face assessments, like interviews and job stimulations, still have high value in the virtual work of work. Our VirtualAC assessment solution offers a wide range of multi-faceted simulation exercises, allowing you to get a deep understanding into candidates’ behaviors in a virtual environment.

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