Healthcare-Specific Hiring and Development Solutions

Healthcare jobs are changing. Collaboration, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and service orientation are more important than ever.

Do you have an efficient and effective process to ensure you can fill key roles and retain top talent with the ability to face today’s challenges? Are you faced with challenges around service worker turnover; provider burnout, or patient safety?

PSI has decades of experience providing healthcare organizations with an evidence-based approach to solving their hiring and development needs. Using healthcare-specific tools, our experts work with you to configure a solution which will help you build a workforce that fits your culture, while also improving patient outcomes and maximising patient satisfaction.

Transform Your Culture

Successful organizations know that building and maintaining a great culture starts with defining the desired behaviors that they value and consistently targeting those behaviors during the hiring process. By doing this, organizations increase the odds that each new hire is a match for your culture.

Evidence-Based Hiring Approach

We work with you to build a deliberate, consistent selection system that targets the skills and behavioral competencies that matter to your organization. Our systems integrate healthcare-specific selection tools and provide an efficient and candidate friendly process.

Training and Development

The current healthcare labor landscape has caused many HR and healthcare leaders to shift their focus to employee retention and development efforts for critical roles such as leaders, physicians, and nurses among many others. PSI’s healthcare-specific solutions support these efforts by diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of your talent pool, allowing you to leverage data to make informed decisions for targeted training and development needs. Our expertise empowers your workforce to ensure career progression and success through initiatives such as role alignment and developmental growth.

Solutions for All Areas of the Organization



Allied Health

Front-Line Staff

Managers & Supervisors

Executives & Directors

IT Professionals

“The assessment has been a great tool for us. It helps us to weed out a bottom tier of applicants. From there, we’re able to implement our other processes to ensure we’re sending the best people over for the job.”

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

An Evidence-Based Approach to Hiring in Healthcare

We need new skills and competencies at every level of the organization.

Healthcare is now slowly adopting proven, evidence-based talent strategies. Is your healthcare organization making hiring decisions based on intuition, biases, anecdotal evidence, and flawed data? Do you have evidence that your reliance, to whatever degree, is valid or reliable? (Data says it probably isn’t.)

A more deliberate approach with objective data yields better selection decisions. Candidate selection should be based on best practices in order to overcome opinions, knowledge gaps, and biases. Wherever possible, it should rely on formal, explicit methods to analyze evidence and make the data available to decision-makers.

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