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In an extremely competitive marketplace, maintaining the trust and loyalty of your customers is of the upmost importance. The people who represent your organization’s brand, services, and values make all the difference in your overall success.

PSI’s suite of assessment solutions helps you identify candidates who share your organization’s values and are equipped to thrive in today’s challenging and ever-changing environment.

Candidate Friendly Experience

Building and maintaining a positive relationship with your candidates is critical, because they are not just your candidates, they are also your customers. They want to feel the culture and care of your organization from the moment they express interest. To maintain that positive relationship and brand loyalty, we proactively monitor candidate feedback and adjust the process to ensure they find their experience using our tools to be fair, easy-to-use, and job relevant.

Mobile Friendly Process

We realize candidates today have plenty of options, and that includes what technology works best for them to complete your hiring process. Our tools have proven measurement equivalence across all device types to ensure an accurate assessment of your candidates regardless of whether they are using a computer or mobile device.

Develop Your Workforce

PSI’s solutions help you identify and leverage strengths, identify areas where additional support or attention might be helpful, and improve the productivity and engagement of your current workers. Our tools accurately evaluate an individual’s ability to perform effectively within their given role.

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Nasdaq: Build leadership by implementing PSI’s Action Learning methodology

Nasdaq, Inc. is an American multinational financial services corporation that owns and operates (and is listed on) the NASDAQ stock market and eight European stock exchanges. The Nasdaq Stock Market is the second-largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, and in addition to being a stock exchange, Nasdaq provides the infrastructure, technology, tools, and strategic insights tailored for the capital-market opportunities of today and the expectations of tomorrow.​

Nasdaq wanted to work on various strategic business problems and build leadership across the organization at the same time. They solved these problems by implementing PSI’s Action Learning methodology.

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The Conscientious Advisor: A Study with BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Advisor-client dynamics have changed drastically in response to changing investor attitudes. Advisors/Sales Officers must look beyond the sales transaction to focus on long-term client interactions creating relationships built on trust. Today’s Advisors need to hone personal qualities to succeed in this new advisor-client paradigm.

Hire and Develop Your Leadership Team

Today, organizations must be agile to meet the changing demands of their industries and consumers. Do you have leaders in place who can adapt to market demands and lead change? Learn how our leadership solutions can help you identify, select, and develop your future and current leaders.

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Discover valid, fair, and legally defensible assessment content for the entire employee lifecycle, so you can choose just the right assessment to select and develop talent.

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