Engage & Screen

Immersive, engaging and rigorous high volume screening solutions

Hire the best candidates faster, with an efficient and effective talent management process that pinpoints applicants with the key metrics that predict successful job performance.


PSI True Talent™

  • PSI Workflow
  • Assessment Catalog
  • Dilemmas

PSI Digital Interview™


PSI Situational Judgment

  • True-to-Life
  • Dilemmas

PSI Cognitive

  • EAS
  • PET

PSI Personality

  • 16pf®
  • Viewpoint

PSI Skills

  • PSI Skills Tests

PSI Safety Solutions:

  • Police, Fire, Bus Operators
  • SecureFit®

PSI All-in-One Solutions:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Service/Retail
  • Professional


  • Custom Screening Tool & Process Design
  • Assessment Workflow Review & Development