SafetyDNA® Program:
Workplace Safety Training and Development

Develop your Employees’ Safety in a Personal and Sustainable Way

An Innovative Approach to Personal Safety Training

Safety is always a personal decision – so, how do you ensure that employees can and will reduce their workplace exposures? Discover the SafetyDNA Development Program – an award-winning solution to help improve your employees’ safety in a personal and sustainable way.

Discover Your Workforce's Internal Safety Traits

As the opening step of the program, the SafetyDNA Assessment is designed to gather all of the information that employees need to begin their personal safety journey. The assessment highlights individual strengths and areas of risk, which are unique to each worker. Those with high risk scores in this assessment are four times more likely to be injured on the job, so feedback and self-awareness from this process is essential to personal safety.

With a 30-minute interactive experience, the assessment is both engaging and a valid predictor of personal safety behavior.

Provide Personalized Feedback for Workers' Success

Following the assessment, the SafetyDNA Program helps participants to understand their profile and translate it into actionable steps to reduce their risk. With a focus on individual results, the interactive online training provides valuable insights and tips that make SafetyDNA applicable to everyday work activities, risks, and hazards.

The training offers a unique personalized experience in just 60 minutes with engaging simulations, exercises, and personalized feedback.

Transform your workplace to support its best safety culture yet

To support the assessment and training, the SafetyDNA Toolkit reinforces and applies the concepts from the assessment and training in a real-time work environment. The toolkit features a powerful adaptive learning platform that regularly assesses and reinforces a participant’s knowledge retention from the training. It also includes a variety of tools, aids and visuals that are fully customizable to your work environment, in order to help participants continuously apply what they learned about their SafetyDNA to manage and reduce the risks they face each day.

The components of the toolkit easily integrate into your broader safety management system, making SafetyDNA a part of your safety processes and culture.

Making SafetyDNA Sustainable Over Time

The SafetyDNA Program provides the tools you need to transform safety into a personal experience in a manner that is sustainable and integrates with your safety management system and work environment. Designed to meet your organization’s unique needs while complementing the foundation of the SafetyDNA Program, our sustainability components help employees to internalize what they learn and apply it to their everyday work activities.

Coach Certification Program

Certify a group of internal SafetyDNA coaches, enabling them to review assessment results with employees, provide behavioral coaching and feedback based on safety profiles, and reinforce key concepts on the job.

Mobile Learning System

Dramatically increase the amount of information employees remember from the SafetyDNA Program through our cutting-edge adaptive learning reinforcement system. Our mobile-enabled system uses the latest neuroscience and brain research to help people remember and apply what they learned in the classroom in a fun and engaging way.


Apply SafetyDNA factors to highest risk tasks and activities at your workplace, using a data-driven approach and high-impact visuals, such as posters, graphics, toolbox talk cards, and other aids.

Safety Climate Survey

Gain a deeper understanding of your current safety culture through this powerful lead indicator, which measures employee perceptions on nine essential culture factors. Employees complete it in under 15 minutes and the results provide you with clear, actionable information.

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If there ever existed a paradox in the safety industry, it is the term “Personal Safety.” Safety initiatives are anything but personal. All employees receive the same safety training, P.P.E., and sets of safety rules – all of which are meant to magically transform them into responsible and safety-conscious individuals. But does this transformation really happen, and if not, why?

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