SafetyDNA® for Leaders: Safety Leadership Program

Leading for Safety

Reach your best safety culture yet, by adding a personal spin to safety leadership training.

Leaders have a tremendous impact on the safety of your organization. What they do, the things they say, and how they lead people directly shape the safety culture and risk of your site. The SafetyDNA® for Leaders Program is a groundbreaking solution for safety leadership development. This unique process measures leaders’ personal SafetyDNA, natural leadership style, and safety leader competencies, then couples this information with engaging learning and one-on-one coaching experiences. The result is a highly personalized, comprehensive, and data-driven experience that gives your leaders greater self-awareness and builds their safety leader skills.

“Since we’ve started the program, we’ve gone over 2.1 million man hours without a recordable injury.”

Watch the video to learn how Novelis, a multi-billion-dollar producer of rolled aluminum and beverage can recycling, was able to incorporate SafetyDNA for Leaders into their safety system and achieve zero recordable injuries across seven North American sites.

Discover Your Team's Safety Leader Profiles

Discover your leaders’ safety leadership capabilities with the SafetyDNA for Leaders Assessment. This online assessment is designed to measure an individual’s safety leadership traits – these are the factors that not only affect individual leaders, but their teams as well. The assessment is personal and engaging, using a combination of personality, situational, and simulation-based questions and exercises. It provides a full picture of each leader’s strengths and blind spots from a safety risk perspective – while helping you predict the chances of a safety incident occurring on their teams.

Refine Your Team's Concept of Safety Culture and Leadership

Develop your leaders’ safety leadership through the interactive SafetyDNA for Leaders Workshop. While traditional safety training focuses on external factors – such as PPE, policies, and procedures – this onsite workshop focuses on the internal psychological factors that are so critical to safety. Through interactive exercises, discussions, and videos, each leader learns how their unique safety leader profile influences at-risk behaviors and overall safety culture. Leaders also gain key skills that promote safety through competencies such as coaching, feedback, communication, and change management.

Start a Conversation for Sustainable Safety Development

Support your leaders as they take their safety leadership skills to the next level, with a personalized coaching session. Building on the workshop experience, in this session, leaders review their assessment results with a certified coach; this helps them understand their profile and how it impacts their leader behaviors based on their current environment. The coaches then help them to create a personal development plan with specific, measurable objectives. By doing so, they not only improve their leadership skills, but also reduce their teams’ exposure to risk in a way that is meaningful to them.

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Safety Leadership Styles and Their Impact on Group Incident Rates

Having strong safety leaders is what every organization desires. The journey to achieve this goal begins with understanding the individual leaders, and their unique safety leader profiles. Once this happens, the leaders have that “ah-ha!” moment where they better understand their current leadership behaviors, the implication for their people’s safety, and what behaviors and habits they feel compelled to change. The difference now, is that the impetus to change is not an external program, but an internal understanding of themselves. In other words, we’ve finally made safety for a leader – personal!

This whitepaper discusses the research data showing the strong correlation between safety leadership profiles and group incident rates

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