Hiring for Safety

Predict the Risk of Incident or Injury Before You Hire

Why invest so much effort and resources on building a safe workplace with a great safety culture, and then hire someone who does not value safety? Or hire someone who is statistically much more likely to be injured on the job and incur workers’ compensation costs?

PSI Services provides a suite of validated, accurate, and legally defensible tools which are specifically designed to help you hire safer, more productive individuals. We have assessments that help you hire safe employees and identify leaders who will drive safety and reinforce safe behavior.

By using our tools in the hiring process, many companies have significantly decreased their incident and injury rates over time, as well as their workers’ compensation claims, saving them millions of dollars in the process.

Quickly Screen Out
High-risk Candidates

Avoid wasting time, resources, and money on candidates who bring more risk than value to your organization using SecureFit®. Used at the start of the hiring process, this assessment quickly screens out high-risk hourly candidates who are least likely to be safe, dependable, or productive early in your hiring process.

Identify Safe and
Productive Candidates

Overcome unique challenges in your manufacturing hiring process by identifying safe and productive candidates with Select Assessment® for Manufacturing (SAM). This in-depth pre-employment assessment blends the latest technology with proven methodology, providing an efficient solution to evaluate hourly candidates on several core competencies including safety, attention to detail, and productivity.

Put the Right Driving
Candidates Behind the Wheel

Identify and eliminate high-risk commercial driving candidates before you commit time, money, and resources using RoadWorthy®. This short, inexpensive driver assessment is used to identify candidates who are safe and reliable and remove those who are more likely to be aggressive, impulsive, and prone to costly incidents early in your hiring process. It also provides recommendations on a candidate’s fit for different positions such as, long-haul and short-haul driving.

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Selecting Safer Employees

This white paper takes a look at some of the existing research on individual characteristics that have been studied as predictors of workplace safety, including the 5 personality traits shown to greatly impact workplace safety.

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