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Select and Develop Safer Employees with SafetyDNA

Research shows there are innate psychological characteristics that are consistently linked to safety behavior, incident rates, and even injury severity. Everyone has a unique combination of these traits and abilities, which we call “SafetyDNA.” Our personal SafetyDNA greatly influences our daily behavior, decision-making, and exposure to risk. By knowing the unique safety traits of each leader and team member, organizations can truly “make safety personal.”

Watch this video to find out how understanding people’s SafetyDNA can lead to big improvements in corporate safety figures

We support organizations across all industries in their safety journey, at all levels. Select any of the options below to learn more about our safety development solutions for leaders or individual contributors, as well as our validated pre-employment tools that help you hire safer employees.

SafetyDNA by PSI

Safety Leadership Program

The SafetyDNA® for Leaders Program is a groundbreaking solution for safety leadership development.

SafetyDNA Development Program

Discover the SafetyDNA® Development Program – an award-winning solution to help improve your employees’ safety in a personal and sustainable way.

Hiring for Safety

PSI has a suite of validated, accurate, and legally defensible tools which are specifically designed to help you hire safer, more productive individuals.

“Since we’ve started the program, we’ve gone over 2.1 million man hours without a recordable injury.”

Watch the video to learn how Novelis, a multi-billion-dollar producer of rolled aluminum and beverage can recycling, was able to incorporate SafetyDNA for Leaders into their safety system and achieve zero recordable injuries across seven North American sites.

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Leaders Showing Their Commitment to Safety

Please stop and think for a moment. What is your favorite example of a leader showing great commitment to safety at your workplace? What did she or he do? What was great about it? And we’re just curious on this one – did it take you a while to think of one?

While we all need to define what showing a great commitment to safety looks like in our organizations, there are plenty of great examples from industry leaders that we can learn from. Here are a few examples of actions on the part of leaders demonstrating their commitment to safety.

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