Quick Online Proctoring Implementation For Higher Education

What You Need to Know

As a long-term partner to many colleges and universities, we are only too aware of the unfortunate impact of the COVID-19 virus. Institutions have had to close campuses or even pause study and this, coupled with increasing travel restrictions, puts pressure on them to find alternative methods to keep students on track with their studies.

If your institution has been affected, or risks being affected by campus closures, you’ll no doubt be exploring all the possible contingency plans to deliver learning and assessment to your students. Moving your on-campus assessment online quickly, to minimize disruption, can be a key element to secure ongoing education.

How can PSI help you move your learning online?

PSI is already committed to making the transition from in class to online proctoring as easy as possible for both faculty and students. We understand institutions are working through their planning to implement academic continuity plans, that may drastically change the way students are learning and being assessed. Speak with PSI to find out how to protect your school’s academic integrity as you decide if your institution will push more learning and testing to online.
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PSI’s solution RPNow was designed specifically to maximize student convenience, scalability, and service that does not create a new or increased burden on faculty.

The Complete Proctoring Platform for Anytime-Anywhere Assessment

Highlights of PSI’s Record and Review proctoring model:

  • Provides clear instructions to students, outlining expected behaviors and notifies students that everything is recorded and later reviewed by a trained proctor
  • Flexible Exam Policy engine with customizable lock-down security, so faculty can choose what information or resources are available to a student during an exam
  • Patented lock-down browser eliminates need for proctor to port into the session and prevents access to student’s personal digital information
  • Entire session is recorded, stored, and reviewed by professionally trained proctors
  • Every aspect of the proctoring process is integrated into your schools’ LMS through LTI


While there are many different versions of Remote Proctoring, PSI’s Record and Review offering is the best choice today. Live proctoring is not able to scale quickly to support the sudden surge of users and requires students to schedule appointments in advance.

Automated Proctoring solutions, where the platform uses computer algorithms to flag potential abhorrent behavior, requires someone to review all the flags – many of which are false positive – essentially forcing instructors to become proctors.

RPNow provides an LTI integration to all standard Learning Management Systems, and as such, a new class, department, program, or entire University can be up and running as quick as one day, depending on demand. PSI’s Client Services group stands ready to provide simple implementation guides, a self-serve resource portal including video demos and a dedicated team of individuals to quickly make your faculty and students comfortable testing remotely.

RPNow offers a self-service model for secure online examination delivery and identity verification. Using a standard computer webcam with an internet connection, students can take a proctored exam online conveniently and affordably.

Do you use an LMS like Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle or Canvas? You can use RPNow with any of them using our integrations that plug directly into our platform. We have full support for any online 3rd party testing systems. Our LTI integration allows faculty to manage all RPNow settings and information directly within the LMS.

The RPNow platform allows instructors to quickly receive and verify learner’s exam results from within the LMS. This information gives administrators and faculty valuable insights into learner performance, to help them make informed decisions that improve assessment administration. Each student exam record is 100% reviewed by a trained and certified video review specialist that only flags exam policy violations about which you want to be aware.

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