Online Proctoring To Support Moving Exams Online

What You Need to Know

Following the global outbreak of the COVID- 19 virus (Coronavirus), we have been monitoring its spread and the potential health risks it presents to our test takers, staff, and other individuals in the impacted areas. Working with many organization’s across industries we are only too aware of the unfortunate impact that the virus has had.

As more and more parts of the world are affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, individuals are being encouraged to stay home, avoid gatherings, and public spaces. Given these guidelines, many organizations have been inquiring about online proctoring as an alternative to Test Center examination.

For a full breakdown of all Test Center closures and test center policies, please refer to this page of our website: Important Notice: Update concerning COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus).

Online proctoring provides an alternative for test takers and allows for business continuity. It provides learners and candidates with a convenient testing option that is secure and integrates with systems they already know. The right online proctoring solution ensures that test integrity, in the case of a candidate taking an exam online, is the same as that for a candidate in a Test Center with a live proctor.

Our secure proctoring technology is built to be flexible, scalable, and easy to use. Administrators rely on PSI for responsive customer support, collaborative ways of working, and entrust us with safeguarding the entirety of the test-taking process.

What does online proctoring look like?

There are two different methods of online proctoring:

  • Live Online Proctoring: During a live session, a candidate schedules a test session in advance and is monitored by a live proctor when they log in to take their exam. It’s standard for the proctor to have the candidate scan the room with their web cam and then scan their ID for verification. The proctor can see and hear the student throughout the session and handles any rule violations (such as looking at books or using a calculator) according to the institution’s rules. A report is generated and provided to document any rules violations or issues.
  • Record and Review Proctoring: Record and Review proctoring is exactly what it sounds like. Candidates can take their exam on demand with no appointment required. The same security and verification measures are followed. After the record and review exam session, a proctor will then review the exam for potential issues or instances of possible malpractice. The proctor will flag those instances for review and then provide an integrity report to the institution.

Is online proctoring secure?

  • Various identity authentication measures are employed to assure that the right person is taking the test, including embedded biometric facial recognition and identification verification.
  • PSI Secure Browser is employed to prevent users from copying, pasting, taking screen captures, using instant messaging programs, accessing other applications, or accessing other websites.
  • Our online proctoring platform does not require proctors to have remote access to test takers’ computers, assuring data privacy and eliminating concerns around liability.

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