Item Banking & Authoring Software

Built by Test Developers for Test Developers

PSI’s item banking and authoring software is a powerful web-based solution for item creation, review, workflow management, and secure storage of item metadata. We designed and developed unique software functionality to automate all phases of secure computer-based testing, keeping your items protected at every step.
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Comprehensive Test Development

  • Complete self-service environment allows you to do your own test development and even test delivery.
  • Cumulative statistics that give you a holistic picture.
  • Reporting capability that lets you generate useful reports quickly.
  • Robust user role assignment capabilities down to the item level.

Key Development Features

Allowing you to fully manage banks, items, and tests within the native platform without exporting to third-party solutions. Also, seamlessly helps you create, package, and schedule exams for secure delivery.

  • Automatically builds alternate fixed forms from item and test criteria specified
  • Supports multiple types of test forms: multiple choice tests, fixed form, LOFT
  • Provides item and exam QA tools to ensure tests meet professional standards and candidate expectation
  • Allows for reviewers to see items with content/blueprint areas, item and option stats, feedback (both client and candidate), reference sources, and other metadata
  • Integrates features for client and committee item review
  • Allows for multiple versions of the same item to co-exist with ability to deliver either version
  • Supports simulation items
  • Supports delivery and reporting for multi-portion exams and combo exams
  • Supports items locking once approved
  • Fully managed within native platform
  • Supports multiple languages
Item banking software

Easy to Learn, Intuitive, and User-Friendly

  • Easy to import items
  • Easy to use item submission interface
  • Allows for global changes
  • Sorts and selects items efficiently
  • Allows tests to be printed in test order
  • Information is updated and saved automatically
  • Supports inclusive and exclusive links
  • Supports standard and complex workflows
    • Can enforce permissions control down to single items
  • Produces comprehensive item history and audit logs
  • Provides internal spellcheck

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