You’re Almost Done!

You’re Almost Done!

ASU LogoNow that your exam is ended, the webcam, desktop and audio recordings still need to be sent for review by the video proctor.

ASU can only finalize your exam result after a proctor reviews your recordings.

In order to ensure your recordings upload properly, please follow the instructions below.

Thank you!

1. Click the below button:

Upload your exam recordings

2. Download the utility.
a. Mac users click the Mac Icon to download the utility.
b. Windows users click the Windows Icon to download the utility.

3. Please select “Run” to open the utility.
Note: If the utility fails, try to run the utility from your computer in another location, such as your home, or ask your IT department to verify that you have the correct permissions on your network before you contact support.

4. When additional instructions appear on your screen, follow these instructions carefully.

If problems occur, please contact support at
(US Candidates) 1-844-644-8246 | (International Candidates)
+1-617-658-2879 or via live chat.