RPNow Code Organization Practice Exam

This practice exam will allow you to go through the proctoring software to see exactly what you need to do before you sit for your exam.  For instructions on how to use RPNow, see our Full How-To Guide for a step-by-step walk through, our Quick Start Guide for a basic overview, or a full video tutorial

Please note that your organization’s pages may look slightly different then the following, but the basic premise will be the same.

For your live exam, your testing organization will provide you with an exam code required to enter your test.

For this practice, you will be using the exam code:  123456

Please make note of this code as you will need it to enter the Practice Exam.

► What is RPNow?

RPNow is an on-demand proctoring service that allows you to take your exam with integrity anytime, anywhere without the hassle of scheduling or travel.  RPNow uses a basic internet connection and web-camera to record your desktop, webcam, and audio which is then sent to our certified proctors for review.

► Where do I go for help?

Exam taker support is available 24/7 via phone at 1-855-436-2039 or chat available using the “Contact Support” button in the top right of the software or on RPNow Test Taker University.