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How-To Videos

Learn how students use RPNow with these simple videos.

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User Guides

Get started setting up RPNow with these helpful guides, tools and templates.

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Integration Guides

These guides cover various Learning Management Systems integration topics including LTI App.

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What's New with RPNow?

As always we’re excited to share new functionality in between major releases of RPNow to enable customers to use the RPNow proctoring solution more conveniently, effectively and hassle-free!

Product Updates:  RPNow 4.0

  • PSI is excited to announce the release of RPNow Version 4, which is being made available to all customers in early December 2018.
  • RPNow v4 for MAC and PC was released to address issues related to Flash as well as macOS 10.14 Mojave and to introduce new features.
  • The new updates deliver a whole new kind of technology for video processing providing an improved student user experience.
  • Download the comparison document for a complete list of features and enhancements

Download Comparison Document:  What’s New in RPNow 4.0?

View the RPNow 4.0 Release Webinar

Product Updates:  LTI Integration

  • RPNow also now offers an LTI application creating a direct integration with any LTI compliant LMS application.
  • Custom integrations have been built for Blackboard, Brighstpace, and Canvas in addition to Third Party integrations for any other LTI compliant LMS.
  • The LTI application allows faculty to register exams and view reports directly within their LMS.  It also boasts an improved video player.

View the RPNow LTI Benefits Webinar

This illustrates PSI’s commitment to delivering improved student experience and security for RPNow. We’ll keep you informed of additional improvements in the coming months.

How-To Videos

We’ll show you exactly what students need to do!

How to use RPNow (Student)

This step by step instructional video will show you how the newest version of RPNow works from the student’s perspective.

User Guides

Are you an instructor or administrator? This collection of guides, datasheets and templates contain all the information you need to get up and running quickly with RPNow. Included is information pertaining to RPNow exam setup, exam policy, faculty and student guides, communications and payment options.


Admin Guide

This Admin Guide walks admins through the process of setting up and deploying RPNow to end users.

Exam Policy Template

Rules our reviewers use during exam. Customize and then send a copy to students/faculty/SSI Prof. Svcs rep.

Email for Faculty

A suggested email template to send to faculty explaining the RPNow system and their next steps.


Faculty Guide

A how-to guide for instructors that explains the RPNow exam registration and eReport processes.

Exam Policy Review Definitions

Guide explains the typical comments that are used after reviewing exam records. Note: NOT for student use!

RPNow Student Guide

This guide will walk student end users through entire exam taking process using the RPNow system.

Welcome Email for Students

Use this template as a welcome email explaining the use of RPNow and its requirements.

Payment Options for RPNow

This guide provides information on how to set up accepted payment methods for proctored exams.


Are you interested in integrating RPNow so you can register exams and view reports directly from your LMS?  Would you prefer a more advanced video player?  Our LTI Applications will allow you to do all of those things while providing a more streamlined user-interface.

Visit LTI RPNow University to learn more.

The RPNow Process

See what it’s like to use RPNow in 4 steps. From exam registration to final results. Learn how RPNow simplifies the process of online exam administration for administrators and educators.

  1. Create & Register Exam
    Create an exam in your LMS. Then register that exam in the RPNow admin site.
  2. Student Takes Exam
    Student goes to organization’s RPNow url, verifies ID and brings them to your LMS.
  3. Proctors Review Exam
    RPNow certified proctors review each student exam to authenticate student ID and ensure academic integrity.
  4. Receive Reports
    You will receive an email when your reports are ready to view in the RPNow admin site.

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