LMS Integrations

Easily Integrate Online Proctoring Seamlessly With Any Learning Management System (LMS)

Our integration offers institutions a self-service experience that lets administrators and faculty customize and register proctored exams in RPNow without leaving their LMS environment.


We have extensive integration capability. This facilitates scalability and flexibility. RPNow’s LTI integration facilitates seamless connectivity to over 200+ platforms.

Custom Exam Registration

LTI Integration allows faculty to manage all RPNow settings and information directly within the LMS (using their existing username and password credentials) and allows them to customize exam rules & security of lock-down settings. Faculty can set up exam profiles that enable them to customize the assessment.


Our LTI app automatically retrieves your LMS exam information at the time of registering an exam in RPNow so that faculty never have to type it in manually using a separate web form. This removes the possibility of faculty mistyping passwords or other important details, which can create exam access problems for students further down the road.

See Results in LMS

Results of RPNow exam reviews are delivered directly into the LTI App. Faculty can view these reports by exam, student or whatever their preference.