PSI Dimensions™

Flexible and Customizable Testing Platform

Flexible Test Generation and Delivery Platform

PSI Dimensions is a test platform that handles everything from item banking and authoring to test form creation to test delivery and reporting. Through years of experiences with our clients, we have built a robust test generation platform that is customizable and can be made to fit your program’s unique needs.

PSI’s technological services enable our seamless end-to-end management platform for the capture and delivery of testing information, while also allowing clients the flexibility to integrate with their own specific tools and procedures during any point of the process if necessary.

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PSI Bridge

Multi-lingual Assessment Delivery

This test platform takes the global nature of many certification programs by supporting multiple languages.

Item Banking & Authoring

A secure and robust item banking tool that can provide you with flexibility to bank your items and author new items.

Innovative Item Types Support

As the market changes and program needs change, our tools are updated to meet the needs of innovative test items.

Test Taker Results Immediate Reporting

Your candidates will be able to access their test results right away or you can customize the system to provide reporting per your program rules.

Client Reporting

Clients are able to access fully customizable reports on demand through our online partner sites.

Innovating from the Inside Out

Developed by test developers for test developers, PSI Dimensions™ is uniquely positioned to serve your test generation and delivery needs. We have experts on our team who understand all phases of test development from secure item banking and authoring to publishing, delivery, and data management systems and processes.
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Easy to Learn

Every feature of this platform is thought through with the consideration of making it easy for the client to learn and manage. Intuitive features to import, submit, sort, and select items are coupled with complex yet user-friendly workflow processes to allow you to set up workflows that work best for your organization.

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PSI Bridge

Comprehensive Test Development Platform

Complete Self-service environment

Item Banking and Authoring

Multilingual Assessment Delivery

Innovative Item Types Support

Intuitive and User Friendly

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