PSI Bridge

Convenient, Flexible and Secure Remote Proctoring

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PSI Bridge

Convenient, Flexible and Secure Remote Proctoring

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Built for Convenience

The PSI Bridge platform provides superior remote proctoring – from customizable test security, identity authentication and multi-modal delivery, to custom reports and analytics. PSI Bridge works seamlessly with any test delivery system and supports every phase of assessment – from creation to results review.

PSI’s Innovation Team, with years of experience in remote proctoring, has perfected a product that can be adapted and used in any environment – schools, credentialing programs and any organizations that are interested in utilizing online proctoring for talent assessment.

Record and Review Service

A cloud-hosted SaaS model for remote proctoring inside your LMS. PSI Bridge records the exam sessions, which are later reviewed by a proctor.

Live Remote Proctoring

Professional proctor greets test taker and views them live while they complete exam. Single sign-on and live chat assure a seamless and supported experience.

Support Worldwide 24 / 7 / 365

Test takers can access live chat and phone support anytime – anywhere in the world. Faculty and admins can access a dedicated services team for fast responses.

Smart On-Boarding

Our clients receive all the necessary support for effective implementation and application of PSI Bridge with web-based training from our professional services team.

Remote proctoring

Test Taker Journey

PSI is a leading provider of secure online proctoring solutions for any learning environment, examination, or certification program. Over 750 institutions and organizations partner with us to transform the test-taking experience with innovative technology solutions.

Our secure proctoring technology is built to be flexible, scalable, and easy to use. Administrators rely on PSI for responsive customer support, collaborative way of working, and entrust us with safeguarding the entirety of the test-taking process.

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Security Measures

To make this a great product, we had to tackle all possible security issues.

  • Various identity authentication are employed to assure that the right person is taking the test.
  • PSI Secure Browser is employed to prevent users from copying, pasting, taking screen captures, using instant messaging programs, accessing other applications, or accessing other websites.
  • The proctoring console used does not require proctors to have remote access to test takers’ computers, assuring data privacy and eliminating concerns around liability.

Secure Online Proctoring


Enterprise Integration

Identity Authentication

Seamless Test Taker Journey

Insights and Better Decisions

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