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PSI’s Browser-Based Test Delivery Platform

ATLAS® is trusted over the world to deliver some of the most demanding computer based testing programs. Every day, tens of thousands of candidates, irrespective of their language or location, complete their exams using ATLAS.

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PSI Bridge

Assessment Delivery

Item Authoring

Item Banking

Proctor Management

Test Taker Results Reporting

Statistical Reports


  • Web-based interface for external test developers and item management
  • Track changes during item development
  • Version and change control capabilities
  • Item coding
  • Item authoring, including graphics
  • Migration from draft to production status of items
  • Approval requirements including item locking for completed items
  • Integration of statistics on items, forms and candidate groups
  • Item exposure statistics
  • Automated test assembly for fixed form multiple-choice exams
  • Authoring and storing of innovative item types
  • Linear-on-the-fly, adaptive and/or mastery tests capabilities
  • Test form publishing to the delivery platform
  • Expert quality control capabilities for published forms
  • Multiple language capabilities

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