PSI Test Center Openings

The information in the chart below lists the owned and operated sites in PSI’s Test Center Network that have resumed operations following COVID-19 closures. This list is updated daily and serves as the best reference for candidates and associates.

We have implemented a number of security measures, including but not limited to those listed below, to encourage safe distancing and promote the health and well-being of our customers, our teams, and the global community who relies on PSI’s Test Center Network.

  • Candidate Health Questionnaire: Candidates are required to complete a health questionnaire related to possible COVID-19 exposure and present it when they arrive at the PSI test center.
  • Enhanced Cleaning: High-touch areas, including but not limited to keyboards, desktops, chair handles, check-in stations, door handles, and writing instruments are sanitized after each use.
  • Face Coverings: Face coverings are required for all Candidates and Test Center Administrators during the entire testing experience.
  • Additional Space: We encourage physical distancing throughout check-in and testing areas and have adapted the testing areas to accommodate additional space where able.

PSI is continuing to monitor our partner sites around the world, and we will adhere to the latest safety procedures based on various international, state, and local Orders and guidelines and CDC and WHO recommendations.

For complete COVID-19-related information, please visit the COVID-19 Updates page and the FAQ Document for candidates.