Insurance Licensure

Whether you want to use existing national or state tests for your insurance licensure program, or are looking for a partner to develop new content or manage continuing and pre-licensing education, we have the experience, service and technology to accommodate your evolving needs. We provide 18 state insurance departments with comprehensive licensure program services and superior support backed by over 70 years of innovative testing experience. Trust us with any part – or all – of your program and we will implement it to your and your candidates’ satisfaction.

How does PSI help?

Develop & Administer Better Exams

With extensive experience in insurance licensure, you can rely on our team to develop and administer valid exams that meet your most complex needs.

Manage Any Part of Your Program

We do more than just exams. Alleviate administrative burden and let us take care of your course approvals, back office processing, CE, course audits and more.

Offer Cutting-Edge Testing Technology

In addition to our national test center network, our online proctoring platform increases convenience and accessibility without sacrificing security.

Industry-Leading Exam Development

We led the insurance industry in conducting a comprehensive national job analysis, including survey responses from licensed insurance professionals. Based on these studies, we developed a robust and in-depth bank of insurance items that are valid, reliable, and defensible in a court of law. Following the job analysis study, we conducted a national consensus review and a national standard setting study which allowed us to continue offering our existing examinations and to create new items for our insurance examinations item bank.

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Unmatched Exam Administration

We administer your exams in our permanent test centers – a national network of over 400 computer-based test centers located throughout all 50 states and US territories. Remote proctoring is also available. We have strict guidelines and expectations for all test centers and perform audits routinely, mostly unannounced as “secret shoppers” in order to ensure great service to candidates.


Same testing experience for all candidates – no matter where they are testing.


Candidates can use our toll-free phone number, email or online system to schedule appointments for weekdays, weekends, and evenings.


Examination sessions, days, or stations can quickly be added to accommodate volume.


Equipped with highly trained test center administrators, DVRs, and lockers to identify the right candidates and to keep test materials safe.


Service offering also includes fingerprinting, license issuance and a “School Site” that allows educational institutions to input and maintain data for pre-licensing and continuing education.

Technology for Anytime, Anywhere Testing

We blend data-backed science with a multi-layered security framework to offer remote proctoring models that are unique to the testing industry. Our patented online proctoring platform is a convenient testing option that provides candidates with a secure and positive testing experience – anytime, anywhere.

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