Insurance Licensure

PSI tests candidates for licensure in many different fields and we do it expertly in each one of them. Whether you are looking for test development, test delivery, fingerprinting, license issuance, continuing education services, our experience and our clients can attest that we are your best option for a testing partner in the field of real estate.

  • 18 Contracts across US territories
  • Pre-license and CE audits
  • License Management & Fingerprinting
  • Job Analysis Leadership
  • Available in foreign languages
  • Nationwide Network of PSI Premier Plus® Test Centers
  • Multi-channel registration and scheduling services
  • Sophisticated web-based reporting
  • School Site solution

Test Development

PSI has led the way in the insurance industry in conducting a comprehensive national job analysis for the insurance industry, including survey responses from licensed professionals. Based on these studies, PSI has developed a robust and in-depth bank of insurance items that are valid, reliable, and defensible in a court of law. Following the job analysis study, PSI conducted a national consensus review and a national standard setting study which allowed us to continue to offer our existing examinations in addition to creating new items for our insurance examinations item bank.

Test Administration

PSI administers your tests in its permanent Premier PLUS™ test centers – a national network of over 260 computer-based test centers located throughout all 50 states and US territories. PSI has strict guidelines and expectations for its test centers and performs audits routinely, mostly unannounced as “secret shoppers” in order to ensure great service to candidates.

  • UNBIASED: Our test center network ensures that each candidate, no matter where he or she takes an examination, will have the same testing experience as all other candidates.
  • CONVENIENT: Our test center locations can provide accessibility not only during weekdays, but also weekends and evenings to accommodate the number of candidates wanting to schedule appointments.
  • FLEXIBLE: In the event of a surge in volume, PSI can add examination sessions, days, or stations because the test centers are totally under the company’s control.
  • SECURE: Equipped with highly trained test center administrators, DVRs, and lockers, PSI test centers boast highest security both for identifying the right candidates and for keeping test materials safe.

For our insurance clients, PSI test centers are also equipped to provide services that include fingerprinting and license issuance. Also, PSI provides a “School Site” which allows educational institutions to input and maintain data for pre-licensing and continuing education.

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