Test Development

PSI Leads the Industry in Test Development Services

PSI is at the forefront of test development services in the industry, providing a full range of test development and psychometric services, including: job analysis, test design and content specifications, item writing, Classical and IRT item analyses, test form construction, standard setting, equating, and statistical analyses for quality control and test security.

PSI’s test development process encompasses a team of world-class psychometricians, extensive job analysis, comprehensive item writing and review procedures, and a unique test generation system called FormCast®. Our powerful approach to test construction and delivery provides increased exam security, while maintaining equivalence and allowing the use of number-correct (percentage) scores. No scaling of scores is needed.

Test Generation Flexibility

PSI’s proprietary Test Generation System, FormCast®, allows for the generation of a virtually unlimited number of test forms that are content-balanced, yet statistically equivalent, providing a unique equivalent examination for each test taker.

In-House Development Team

PSI employs an in-house test development staff with extensive experience in developing valid, reliable, job-related, and legally defensible examinations.

Non-Biased Exams

PSI tests measure the necessary job-related skills and abilities of a given job and have been proven to be unbiased. No test developed by PSI, or used as recommended by PSI, has ever been successfully challenged in court or by an administrative agency.

Job Analysis Leadership

PSI has led the way in the industry in conducting comprehensive national job analyses for various industries, such as real estate and insurance, with survey responses from licensed professionals. We have developed a robust and in-depth bank of items that are valid, reliable, and defensible in a court of law.

Best Practices

PSI’s test development staff has developed and maintains hundreds of licensure examinations in accordance with professional standards for validity, reliability, and fairness (Standards for Educational & Psychological Testing, AERA, et al., 2014; and Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, 29 CFR 1607).

Quick Updates

PSI’s test development approach includes continuous item bank development and content updates. Our test item banking system allows us to change or delete items the same day.