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Over 70 Years of Assessment Experience

As your talent management partner, we bring decades of experience in developing assessment programs that are highly measurable, innovative and legally defensible. From our in-house industrial organizational psychologists to our trained test proctors around the country, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service every step of the way.

Test Development

The foundation of every assessment starts with psychometrics. Our team of world-class psychometricians bring a unique breadth of experience and expertise in providing services and solutions for item authoring, item banking, and automated test assembly and management to help you build meaningful assessments. Our test development specialists and psychometricians have extensive experience in all phases of test development, including job task analysis, validation studies, legal compliance support and more.

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Leadership Training

Our leadership services products include in-depth assessments for selection and development, performance appraisals (e.g., 360s) and performance management programs, executive coaching, leadership development, and employee engagement surveys. Our proprietary online platform is designed to assist employers in the recruitment, selection, and development of top quality leaders and leadership candidates. The platform, the process, and the tools can be customized for each client and have proven to be cost effective, efficient, time saving, and easy to implement and use.

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Certification testing services

Proctored Testing and Automated Scheduling

Our large network of testing centers deliver high-stakes exams and provide the level of consistency in security, design, and registration procedures that yield an unparalleled commitment to quality. Each center is supervised by proctors who have extensive training in the execution and management of high-stakes assessments and the protocols associated with each specific assessment program. Proctors are retrained and re-certified every six months for each testing program they support. Additionally, our platform offers automated registration, self-scheduling tools, and real-time reporting.

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Certification testing services

Support Services

We have a team of project managers to help develop and guide complex processes. Our technical support services are available via email and domestic, toll-free telephone, in English, for clients and our clients’ candidates (test takers). So that we may further refine our systems, every support team interaction is logged into our tracking system, allowing us to identify common issues.

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