Driver Testing

Secure, Accessible Solutions for Driver Testing

With the continual advancement in vehicle technology and increasing focus on road safety, government agencies face the challenge of finding the most effective ways to measure learner drivers’ ability, knowledge and competence, whilst striving to improve test availability and candidate experience.

Many leading driver testing agencies are adopting computer-based testing, not only for driver theory tests, but also for performance-based testing such as hazard perception. With its highly specialized item types, proven secured delivery and extensive test centre network, PSI is perfectly placed to provide all aspects of programme delivery.

Meeting Government Security Needs Every Step of the Way

Balancing the demands of a range of stakeholders, as well as the wider public, driver testing agencies need to ensure test integrity remains the primary objective. As a provider of choice to both UK government and US federal agencies, PSI already has its secure services developed and maintained to the most stringent standards. Robust and defensible processes are accredited to international standards, such as ISO27001, to offer assurance and protect the availability and confidentiality of agency and candidate data.

Our proactive data monitoring and management helps agencies anticipate, deter and detect test malpractice. This can include the collection, processing and reporting on substantial data sets, including audio and video evidence where necessary, for instance to form witness packs for agencies that need to escalate cases of malpractice.

Driver-specific Item Types to Accurately Assess Learners

Although multiple choice questions have, until now, predominated in driver theory testing, PSI has developed a range of specialized item types considerably extending the scope of driver testing. This includes our “Reaction” item type, which typically is used within video-based hazard perception tests to provide a true, performance-based test of candidate ability.

We are also able to combine hazard perception with multiple choice questions in a single item to contextualise driver theory questions within a simulated ‘live’ environment.

Easy and Secure Transition to Our Full-service Provision

PSI’s end-to end service offering covers all aspects of testing from test development to delivery to reporting. Our world-leading psychometrics team develop, maintain and continually strengthen test programmes for a range of agencies who require fair and accountable test development.

With a global test centre network, we are able to provide physical test centre provision in most jurisdictions and our multi-modal test delivery model extends this reach still further.

This full-service provision means we are able to offer a clear transition path for any agency programme. Being keenly aware of the inherent risk to business-as-usual operations, PSI has a long track record in successful service transition underpinned by our approach to risk management and understanding of how risk profiles constantly change.

Enhanced Accessibility, Increased Availability to Meet Your Learners Anytime, Anywhere

With many driver theory tests taking place independently of candidates’ practical assessment, secure delivery within physical test centre locations has been the norm. However, new and emerging technologies have not only improved test efficiency, quality and consistency, but crucially, changed the landscape in terms of test accessibility. At the same time, candidates’ attitudes have evolved, and anywhere, anytime testing is increasingly expected.

PSI has been at the forefront of this movement, with its multi-modal delivery model that allows agencies to blend test centre delivery with a range of remote proctoring options, as well as other delivery modes such as event-based and un-proctored. The enhanced accessibility this delivers is considerable, yet all still delivered seamlessly from a single platform.

Increased Candidate Satisfaction

Contract management of any driver test programme demands a highly compliant, efficient operation whilst delivering value-for-money to both sponsoring agency and candidate. Through our experience with other government agencies, we have evolved the expertise and resources required including experienced service management teams, 24/7/365 ‘follow-the-sun’ customer services and risk and audit teams covering the entire programme journey.