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Our assessment expertise is not limited to generic recruitment. We can support assessment for every type of role, including highly specialised positions. The challenge in finding valid assessment processes for these highly specialised technical and professional communities, lies in analysing the typical scenarios these people experience in their everyday working lives. Each assessment stage is tailored to your organisation and specific role requirements to maximise the prediction of candidate potential, enhance the candidate experience and differentiate your employer value proposition. Our success in this area in based on our expert job analysis and outstanding track record working with the judiciary, police force, lawyers, fire service, and many organisations providing specialist services. Learn more about our team of highly experienced Occupational Psychologists.


We help police forces and police training agencies to select key talent for mission critical roles. Through best-in-breed assessment content that can be tailored for your organisation, we deliver fair and objective assessment via ground-breaking technology. Our solutions are often experiential or immersive meaning that your candidates get a thorough understanding of police roles and you are therefore more likely to get great fit-to-role.

“We want to recruit and select the best talent for our future Police Officer roles and that means we need a fair, cost effective and efficient process. Our new online pre-assessment process ensures we select those who best match our behavioural selection criteria from a broad pool of candidates.”

– Cathy Dodsworth, Head of People Development Avon & Somerset Constabulary

Click here to find out how we developed a robust online screening system for Avon & Somerset Constabulary to help them streamline their screening process.


A huge number of Fire Services trust our assessment solutions as they enable implementation of objective assessment processes and are relevant to the demands of the job role. Coupled with top technology, our assessments can be tailored and allow focus both on performance and potential so you can drive both individual and organisational effectiveness.

“The application stage is traditionally the biggest challenge on a campaign of this size involving large teams checking and shortlisting, but using the new sifting tool [SIFT] we only needed a team of three people saving us 203 working days! The cost to process an application has gone from £8.66 to £0.36 when we look at the human resources involved! We simply can’t afford not to use SIFT going forwards.”

– Gillian Goss, HR Manager Recruitment & Assessment, Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Click here to find out how our SIFT process helped The ‘Whole of Wales’ Fire & Rescue Services save £49,000 in staffing costs.


We work with Ambulance Services to deliver a wide range of assessment and development solutions. Our experience of working with Ambulance Services means that we understand the importance of selecting the right candidate for the right role, in many sensitive and critical roles. Our solutions are focussed on combining proven assessment content, market-leading technology, and our expertise to ensure you recruit the right person and can deliver critical services in the best way.