Organisational effectiveness starts at the top

Great leaders accelerate organisational success

We have helped some of the world’s leading organisations to understand, identify and select the key leaders which drive their strategic success. Using this knowledge, experience and research we developed our unique LIVED® model, ideally suited to identifying and developing leaders.

LIVED assesses leaders against five dimensions of effective leadership:

Learning / Intellect / Values / Emotion / Drive

We offer a standardised three-stage assessment process that includes pre-assessment and scoping, psychometrics and an assessment event using business simulation and interviews. Should you choose to use your own leadership model, or framework, we can adapt this process to suit any type of [executive assessment]. We also help and support with post assessment, coaching, feedback and stakeholder review. The result of this thorough and engaging process are leaders that can deliver tangible business benefits and shine in today’s fast pace and changing world.

Learn more about our team of highly experienced Occupational Psychologists who have designed and delivered Leadership assessment solutions for our clients.