Graduate Assessment

Talent solutions at the start of an employee's journey

Select the next generation of talent

Our Graduate Assessment offering combines our assessment expertise and market leading technology to help you find the best graduate talent. We can advise upon, design and deliver, what is often a multi-stage process, from application to appointment.

Our solutions and knowledge cover the initial self-selection phase, sifting, interviewing and assessment centres. Our products and tools continually evolve to keep up with the demands and changes in this environment. In addition to our own range of products, we have partnered with Grad DNA [link] to provide mobile-first assessment solutions, where job seekers can take assessments on their smartphone and be matched to opportunities, all within a few clicks from their mobile device.

Our solutions are offered both ready-to-use as well as customizable or bespoke to your organisation’s needs. Whether you aim to enhance your existing process, or looking for an outsourced, end-to-end graduate assessment programme, we can help and ensure your process is not at risk of losing your best candidates.

We also provide assessment solutions for Apprentices and School-Leavers, incorporating soft skills and capabilities, together with a range of eLearning experiences that drive employability and self-development. Our online Am I Job Ready assessment programme is aimed specifically at engaging with early careers applicants to provide a balanced mix of self-insight, development and career guidance, all aimed at driving individual employability.

Learn more about our team of highly experienced Occupational Psychologists who have designed and delivered Graduate assessment solutions for our clients.