Test Development & Validation

Impeccable Test Development, Support, and Technology Working Together

Developing a fair and reliable test is a PSI strength. We have extensive experience building tests and assessments for the most demanding corporate, education, government, and certification and licensure clients.

A Rich History

We’ve created over 2000 in-house modules and developed commercial tests with ironclad defensibility in the most demanding, high-stakes industries. No other test development firm is more equipped to help you define the outcomes and evidence you need to build a valid measurement of knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics to perform a job.

Sound & Effective Practises

PSI takes on the rigorous, scientific processes involved in test development to enable the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of information about work in order to make a valid interpretation of a candidate’s knowledge. Our Science Advisory Board helps to ensure that our psychometric practises are sound and effective. We have extensive experience in all phases of test development:

  • Job Task Analysis
  • Test Design and Content Specification
  • Test Development and Form Assembly
  • Item Authoring and Banking
  • Psychometric Services
  • Validation Studies
  • Programme Evaluation and Optimization
  • Legal Compliance Support

Test Validation

Validity is a measure of effectiveness. Validation studies are performed to ensure the right test or assessment is used in the right applications to ensure you make successful hires or decisions involving employment, admissions, training, or job placement. The more accurate an exam is, the more it appropriately measures what it was designed to measure. And the more it produces reliable and consistent results over time.

From a legal perspective, a selection procedure (e.g., a pre-employment test) is valid if it can be proven by an employer that it is job-related and necessary to determine job fit and ability to perform a specific role. For instance, leaders need the ability to coach and develop others, most IT candidates need networking or programming skills and sales people need the ability to persuade. PSI has many years of experience validating testing processes and content to ensure your employees have the knowledge and capabilities to excel.

Item Banking

PSI is a leader in delivering innovative Item Authoring and Banking solutions to clients. We designed and developed unique software functionality to automate all phases of secure computer-based testing, keeping your items protected at every step. Our item banking solution is web-based and can be hosted by PSI or the Client and supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google browsers. Multiple reviewers can simultaneously review all items (i.e. crowdsource feedback) in the item banks for technical accuracy and bias, as well as editing and psychometric reviews.


  • Web-based interface for external test developers and item management
  • Track changes during item development
  • Version and change control capabilities
  • Item coding
  • Item authoring, including graphics
  • Migration from draught to production status of items
  • Approval requirements including item locking for completed items
  • Integration of statistics on items, forms and candidate groups
  • Item exposure statistics
  • Automated test assembly for fixed form multiple-choice exams
  • Authoring and storing of innovative item types
  • Linear-on-the-fly, adaptive and/or mastery tests capabilities
  • Test form publishing to the delivery platform
  • Expert quality control capabilities for published forms
  • Multiple language capabilities

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