When You Need the Best on Your Test, Choose the Experts

PSI has unmatched experience and expertise in bringing world-class psychometric and test development services to certification, state licensing, talent assessment, and other high-stakes testing programmes.

Deep Domain Expertise Across Industries

Our psychologists have deep domain expertise across many disciplines, and they actively participate in planning and management activities to ensure a programme’s success.

Clients come to PSI for our rigorous, scientific processes for test development but stay because of our value as a true partner. We’re passionate about systematically collecting, analysing, and interpreting information about jobs to make a valid interpretation of a candidate’s knowledge. Our Science Advisory Board helps to ensure that our psychometric practises are sound and effective. The Board is comprised of leading experts in Measurement, Industrial/Organisational Psychology, and Labour Law.

Ready to Assist in All Phases of Test Development

Our psychometricians and solution experts and ready to assist in all phases of test development:

  • Job Analysis, Competency Modelling, Role Delineation Studies
  • Test Design and Content Specification
  • Item Writing Training
  • Item Authoring and Banking
  • Test Development
  • Test Assembly (Fixed, LOFT, CAT)
  • Item Analyses
  • Validation Studies
  • Standard Setting
  • Equating, Scaling
  • Programme Evaluation and Optimization
  • Market Research and Field Studies
  • Accreditation Consulting (NCCA, ISO)
  • Legal Compliance Support (EEO and ADA)

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