ATLAS® Cloud

The Trusted Choice in High-Stakes Testing

PSI Atlas

PSI’s browser-based test delivery platform

ATLAS® Cloud is trusted over the world to deliver some of the most demanding computer based testing programmes. Every day, 1,000s of candidates, irrespective of their language or location, complete their exams using ATLAS® Cloud. But there’s more than just scale and reliability to ATLAS® Cloud, thanks to its skillful design, contemporary styling and intuitive user interface, those candidates have a great experience as well.

Comprehensive Test Management

ATLAS® Cloud gives you a secure, integrated solution encompassing all aspects of the test life-cycle from development to analytics.

A single portal gives you role-based access to:

  • Item banking and authoring
  • Test development
  • Test delivery and scoring
  • Test centre and proctor administration
  • Programme and certification management
  • Reporting and analysis

Multi-Channel Test Delivery

ATLAS® Cloud is the platform that powers PSI’s multi-channel test model. With support for secure delivery options including test centres, our unique, patented secure testing kiosks, and live or record and review remote proctoring, clients can decide how and where to distribute their secure exams. There’s also capability for mobile/offline/off-grid delivery, virtualised test environments and non-proctored delivery.

Item Banking

At the heart of ATLAS® Cloud is its sophisticated item banking module which provides for secure and efficient management of item banks across multiple tests and content areas. Comprehensive metadata organisation and user-defined test blueprints ensure that items are efficiently managed, and our powerful, graphical workflow configuration tool give you complete control over how content is created, reviewed and published.

Item Authoring

As well as broad support for importing multiple items or entire item banks in bulk, ATLAS® Cloud’s collaborative item authoring features powerful, intuitive authoring across a broad range of item types, including:

  • True/false
  • Multiple choice
  • Short answer
  • Fill in the blank
  • Essay style
  • Drag and drop
  • Hot spot
  • Matching
  • Object ordering
  • In-video (reaction)
  • In-application
  • Audio/video

Test Publishing

With a range of options to meet both the needs of event-based and continuous testing, ATLAS® Cloud offers support for many common item selection models, including fixed item lists, randomised selection, linear on the fly (LoFT) and multi-stage adaptive. And with granular control over runtime parameters, you’re able to fine-tune your candidate’s test experience precisely to your needs.

Management Information

Extensive reporting and analysis provides a rich source of management information for use by all stakeholders, whether through ATLAS® Cloud’s own catalogue of standard reports, through its custom reporting engine or shared with your existing systems through its API suite.

The Complete Solution

Storefront and Scheduling

Registration and scheduling is simple and trouble-free, starting the candidate experience in the most positive light possible.

Test Centre Admin

Administrator and proctor features ensure an optimal candidate experience, whilst protecting the security and validity of the test process.


A modular system with a powerful API suite, ATLAS® Cloud allows secure flows with client of third-party systems.

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