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Government and public-sector organisations have rigorous requirements around any programme, answerable as they are to multiple stakeholders – government, politicians and the general public as well as scrutiny from regulators and the media

We are a trusted partner that has worked with local and national governments in implementing programmes in a wide range of areas from functional skills to aviation. Our breadth of engagement means that we can have the experience to meet your specific needs regardless of subject area, geography or mode of delivery. Plus, with ISO 27001 accreditation and highly evolved project management capabilities, we can provide you with a secure, cost-effective eAssessment programme that will meet the needs of you and your stakeholders.

Solutions Services

Helping you assess performance and potential at every phase of the employee lifecycle.

Performance-Based Testing

Where testing involves the use of specific software, PSI’s performance-based testing approach represents the gold standard in online assessment of computer skills. With our unique in-application item type, candidates complete tasks in the live application itself and the system judges the candidate on whether each task has been completed correctly or not. As a result, we’re able to focus on demonstrable skills rather than recalled knowledge and provide a truer measure of a candidate’s capabilities.

Test Security

Our holistic approach to test security involves identifying and mitigating security threats at all stages of the test cycle from development to delivery, data reporting and analysis. When delivering tests through any of our channels, we actively safeguard intellectual property and candidate data at every point of engagement, balancing the needs for each individual user’s access with the overriding need to secure and protect this most valuable of data.

PSI also has the capability to carry out forensic analysis of exam metadata on behalf of our customers to reveal outlier patterns of test-taking behaviour that may reveal improprieties in the aggregate or individual examination results.

Full Service Offering

PSI is a full-service assessment provider, offering a range of services that can be used individually, in combination or as a full-service, one-stop shop:

  • Test development and psychometrics
  • Content library
  • Global test centre network
  • Multi-modal delivery including remote proctoring
  • Cloud-based test platforms
  • Bookings and payments
  • Integration services
  • Implementation
  • Programme management
  • Candidate support

Multi-Modal Delivery

One the greatest benefits to partnering with PSI is our multi-modal approach. Our secure test centre network offers access to over 2,000 locations worldwide, enabling you to deliver high stakes exams in a regulated, quality-assured environment across the globe. This is complemented by our live or record & review remote proctoring options, including our patented testing kiosks, as well as the ability to deliver non-invigilated tests. Added to this, our event-based testing services and off-line/off-grid delivery capability mean that, whatever your needs for delivering exams, in your own national market or beyond, PSI is there to support you.

Proven Capability

PSI has successfully delivered programme after programme, resulting in an enviable track record that spans decades. Our case histories, client references and testimonials are both informative and reassuring. We are always willing to provide reference information to prospective customers that is relevant to the sector and programme required. We regularly present case studies alongside our current customers at major industry and special interest events across the world.

Complex Item Types

Organisations are increasingly extending the range of items types in their tests to enhance candidate engagement and improve test efficacy. Our item authoring capability offers powerful, intuitive authoring across a broad range of item types, some of which there have been developed specifically to me that particular client-sector needs. These include:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple option multiple choice
  • Multiple choice with confidence
  • True/False
  • Information
  • Short answer
  • Fill in the blank
  • Essay
  • Drag and drop object
  • Drag and drop text
  • Hotspot
  • Advanced hotspot
  • Matching
  • Video (Reaction)
  • Object ordering
  • Audio capture
  • Grouped
  • Branch
  • In-application

Customer Services

Our candidate service centres give test takers direct telephone access to a candidate service representative around the globe (toll-free in many of our principal markets). Our customer service is the most responsive in the industry with 24/7/365 ‘follow-the-sun’ support services through phone, live chat or email, offering faster response times and quicker issue resolution. Candidate service representatives assist with all candidate related queries, including registration and booking enquiries, test taking and technical issues across all our delivery modalities. There are also dedicated support services for test centre staff and programme administrators.