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Graduate to the next level of assessment performance – with full-service assessment solutions that allow your institution or organisation to better measure, assess and identify the skills, traits and abilities of learners seeking degrees, credentials and employment.

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Assess and Develop Soft Skills

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Everything You Need to Improve Your Institution’s Ability To Measure and Assess Learners


The foundation of every assessment starts with psychometrics. PSI’s team of world-class psychometricians bring unique breadth of experience and expertise in providing services and solutions for item authoring, item banking, and automated test assembly and management to help you build meaningful assessments.


PSI solutions were built to integrate seamlessly with the platforms, tools and applications our customers use most. PSI integrates quickly and easily with over 20 applications and offers deep platform integration of our technology solutions – including the RPNow platform – with any LMS provider, including Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas.


The PSI ATLAS Cloud® system is an end-to-end technology platform for the capture and delivery of education testing information. This proprietary platform includes a database management system and the capability to conduct all test development, administration, certification, auditing, and reporting features securely and reliably through a web-based solution.

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PSI helps to ensure the identity of learners at distance using our state of the art Authentication technology. A digital photo match of the test taker is completed utilising facial recognition software and a visual match at test launch, which is stored with the test taker’s test record along with a picture of the candidate Photo ID.


Assuring the integrity of assessments is imperative to safeguarding credential value. PSI Proctoring provides full-service proctoring delivery options to enable institutions to offer the perfect exam-taking experience – using any proctoring method they choose — from On-Demand and Live Remote Proctoring to Secure Testing Kiosks and Global Test Centres.


Educators have a tough task of guiding students in their career journey and preparing them with the right skills for success in the 21st Century workforce. PSI’s innovative professional readiness platform, Am I Job Ready, combines over 65 years of science in career competency assessment with bite-sized interactive soft skill training videos and a custom credentialing system to give organisations the tools they need to assess, develop and certify proficiency in the skills that matter most to employers.

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It’s important to reward learners for their accomplishments in a way that both students and employers can recognise the value of their achievement. Digital badges & certificates are a great way to do just that. PSI is the right solution for institutions that want to create their own custom employer-recognised badges & certificates and protect the integrity of credentials issued with robust security and verification capabilities.

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Only PSI gives you complete assessment freedom. That’s why 750+ institutions partner with PSI to transform student learning with innovative assessment solutions.

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