IT Certification and Digital Skills

Today’s businesses need to harness both technology and talent to drive productivity and growth through digital transformation. Effective IT skills assessment has a critical role to play in ensuring that organisations can continue to build the workforce they need to support their digital ambitions.

In the field of both vendor certification programmes and vendor-neutral qualifications, PSI is pre-eminent in delivering performance-based testing that truly demonstrates a candidate’s knowledge, skills and competencies. Our trusted technology platforms and multi-modal delivery options enable our clients to deliver high-stakes certification tests to candidates anywhere, anytime, whilst complying with international security standards.

Performance Based Testing: A Truer Test of Skills

When assessing any IT related disciplines, it’s essential to ensure candidates can demonstrate specific skills rather than simply recalling knowledge. By providing innovative performance-based tests that accurately mirror a workplace environment, you can deliver assessments that assess skills through tasks that are meaningful, challenging and engaging for candidates.

With an unrivalled experience in eAssessment across all areas of digital skills including IT certification, computer literacy and information literacy, PSI is a pioneer in performance-based testing. Through our uniquely effective in-application testing, candidates are tested by completing tasks in live applications, thus providing a much clearer demonstration of job competency.

Proven Expertise in the IT Certification Market

We deliver large-scale programmes with truly global reach across all areas of digital testing, which are used by the world’s top IT certification partners.

Established and successful programmes from institutions such as the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Foundation and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT in the UK, have partnered with PSI to develop and certify computer skills for millions of candidates worldwide.

IT organisations like ISACA, AWS, Red Hat, The Linux Foundation and many others choose us because of our flexibility, superior technology, and leading customer service. As experts in the changing needs of IT certifications, we continue to have an exclusive presence in the world’s largest markets.

Global Reach: Assess Your Workforce On-the-Job

With the growing need to equip workforces with the digital skills to succeed in a rapidly changing technological landscape, PSI has remained at the forefront of technical innovation to extend the scope, effectiveness and availability of IT certification.

As well as our unique in-application item types, we have deployed technologies such as virtualised test environments which allow even the most complex system desktops to be accessed with BYOD (bring your own device) test-taking capability.

Our remote proctoring platform, PSI Bridge, is also optimised for the delivery of digital skills programmes, allowing as it does, access to approved applications and supporting digital content, even within a secure browser environment.

Tailored Solutions from Industry Experts

PSI has been instrumental in delivering IT and digital tests to millions of candidates, regardless of their language or location. As well as basic and advanced computer skills, our programmes cover essential areas such as information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, IT security and staying safe online.

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to IT certification. At PSI, we work with you to deliver seamless integration of systems and processes, as well as providing a broad range of consulting services to help you develop and deploy the best solution to meet your goals.

Experience and Resources Help You Succeed

As an early pioneer in the digital skills space, we have amassed a vast content library comprising hundreds of thousands of unique test items and proprietary exams. We have also developed the technologies and skills necessary to design effective digital skills assessments for any IT environment that demonstrate a candidate’s productivity, employability and effectiveness in the workplace.