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Across professions as diverse as IT, healthcare and financial services, as well as a vast array of vocational subjects, there is a constantly increasing need for assessments that are recognised and valued by employers, institutions and learners alike.

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive with changing job roles, awarding and professional organisations need to be able to support their learners by making them more marketable and giving them a competitive advantage in a global jobs market. We fully understand that your reputation as an awarding organisation is critical to your ongoing success and we have the technology, expertise and experience to ensure that exams are fair, valid and reliable, and that the learnes are getting the grade that they deserve. We have developed 1,000’s of professional and vocational tests with our customers, so we understand how you work and what you need to ensure a successful programme.

Performance-Based Testing

Where testing involves the use of specific software, PSI’s performance-based testing approach represents the gold standard in online assessment of computer skills. With our unique in-application item type, candidates complete tasks in the live application itself and the system judges the candidate on whether each task has been completed correctly or not. As a result, we’re able to focus on demonstrable skills rather than recalled knowledge and provide a truer measure of a candidate’s capabilities.

Test Security

Our holistic approach to test security involves identifying and mitigating security threats at all stages of the test cycle from development to delivery, data reporting and analysis. When delivering tests through any of our channels, we actively safeguard intellectual property and candidate data at every point of engagement, balancing the needs for each individual user’s access with the overriding need to secure and protect this most valuable of data.

PSI also has the capability to carry out forensic analysis of exam metadata on behalf of our customers to reveal outlier patterns of test-taking behaviour that may reveal improprieties in the aggregate or individual examination

Full Service Offering

PSI is a full-service assessment provider, offering a range of services that can be used individually, in combination or as a full-service, one-stop shop:

  • Test development and psychometrics
  • Content library
  • Global test centre network
  • Multi-channel delivery including remote proctoring
  • Cloud-based test platforms
  • Bookings and payments
  • Integration services
  • Implementation
  • Programme management
  • Candidate support

Multi-Channel Delivery

One the greatest benefits to partnering with PSI is our multi-channel approach. Our secure test centre network offers access to over 2,000 locations worldwide, enabling you to deliver high stakes exams in a regulated, quality-assured environment across the globe. This is complemented by our live or record & review remote proctoring options, including our patented testing kiosks, as well as the ability to deliver non-invigilated tests. Added to this, our event-based testing services and off-line/off-grid delivery capability mean that, whatever your needs for delivering exams, in your own national market or beyond, PSI is there to support you.

Proven Capability

PSI has successfully delivered programme after programme, resulting in an enviable track record that spans decades. Our case histories, client references and testimonials are both informative and reassuring. We are always willing to provide reference information to prospective customers that is relevant to the sector and programme required. We regularly present case studies alongside our current customers at major industry and special interest events across
the world.

Innovative Technology

Alongside our science-based approach to testing and our team of dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced people, our on-going focus on technical innovation is what marks PSI out from other providers. Our market leadership in
critical areas such as performance-based and in-application testing, remote proctoring modalities, candidate identification/validation and test security innovation is a clear demonstration of this commitment.

We develop and leverage appropriate technologies to make our test solutions more accessible, more engaging, more reliable and secure.

Platform as a Service

Our cloud-based test platform, ATLAS Cloud, is available on a platform as a service (PaaS) model, giving you an integrated solution covering the whole test development and delivery lifecycle. It provides extensive capabilities for formative and diagnostic testing, exam preparation and high stakes summative exam delivery all within a multi-tenanted environment that allows for rapid deployment with simple localisation to individual market needs including, of course, delivery language.

A single portal gives you role-based access to:

  • Item banking and authoring
  • Test development
  • Test delivery and scoring
  • Test centre and proctor administration
  • Programme and certification management
  • Reporting and analysis

Industry Expertise

With a proud history stretching back over 70 years, PSI has unrivalled experience and expertise in bringing world-class psychometric and test development services to certification, qualification, talent measurement and other high-stakes testing programmes. Our psychologists have deep domain expertise across many disciplines, and actively participate in planning and management activities to ensure every programme’s success. Our psychometricians are
acknowledged thought-leaders and active participants and contributors in the assessment industry, via conference speeches, published books and articles.

Content Library

PSI’s content library comprises 1,000s of proprietary exams and 100,000s of unique test items built up over many decades. Our rigorous, science-based approach to test development means that this library is the result of the
systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of all the information required to make a valid interpretation of a candidate’s knowledge and skills.

As a test developer and publisher of around 2,000 credentialing and licencing examinations, PSI possesses a unique resource to meet the needs of professional organisations, public sector sponsors and educational users.

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